Updated Photo Posting Rules For The PFRE Flickr Group

January 12th, 2016

As a result, of the discussions and polls on the subject of photo posting rules for the PFRE ( discussion thread in the group and the post here on the blog) I’ve updated the photo posting rules.

By update, I mean that I’ve just added some text to rule #3 and rule #5. Below is the text of the new rules. with the text that I’ve added in red.

Notes On Enforcement:

  • We won’t delete images posted to the group that don’t comply with rule #3. In cases where there is no information about how the image was created we’ll just remind the poster of rule #3
  • Even though rule #5 says “no advertising in this group” photos won’t be deleted because they have a link to the posters website although moderators may delete blatant cases at their discretion.

PFRE Group Rules:
The primary mission of the Photography For Real Estate group is for education in the art and process of real estate marketing photography:

  1. Only photos relating to real estate for sale, please. This means photos of churches, public buildings and the like are off subject. Off subject photos will be deleted.
  2. Posting is limited to 2 photos per day.
  3. Please give photo setup, background information and lighting info in the photo comments to facilitate feedback and education. This means you are encouraged to comment on the following items in the photo description field:
    • Who was the client (Agent, designer, builder)?
    • The number of ambient and/or flash exposures.
    • The number of flashes used and how they were setup.
    • A few words about the post processing software you used.
    • What made this shot interesting/challenging?
  4. Please upload your photos with EXIF data included or give shutter speed, aperture, ISO camera and lens info if you want feedback and discussion of your photo.
  5. No advertising in this group. This group is for real estate marketing photography education, not self-promotion.

Please respect the copyright of group members and do not download or repost photos from this group without members express permission.

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10 Responses to “Updated Photo Posting Rules For The PFRE Flickr Group”

  • I have a bit of an issue with the first rule, only because we have several photographers who post non-RE photos to Flickr and share a lot of useful information (Barry & Tony immediately come to mind). Can we kindly extend the rules to allow for shoots done for designers, builders, architects, etc?

  • @Jeff – I took out “for sale”. The important part is the second sentence.

  • Larry, Should something be added for HDR/Enfused images?

  • This looks good. I wonder about adding something about information sharing to the paragraph on the about page on Flickr?
    It currently reads “the purpose of posting photos is assumed to be getting feedback.”

  • What is the point of mentioning the client? This is a photography site.

    I know some people like to mention their clients but I do not. I specialize in very high end clients who do not wish to have that info disclosed.

    As a matter of practice I never mention the client other than in a general way (magazine, agent, builder etc.) It adds nothing to the image.
    I get that there is a marketing component to that but that is something you can do on your own site.

  • @Kerry – I tried to word the added items on rule #3 to be general enough to apply to bracketed processing or flash lit photos. That is, “The number of ambient and/or flash exposures” and “A few words about the post processing software you used” covers flash, enfuse and HDR.

  • @Mark – Tony’s suggestion regarding the client is general.. not specifically who the clients is. Agent, designer etc. many already do this.

  • @Scott Van Manen – I don’t follow what you are suggesting. Can you be specific?

  • Hi Larry

    Sorry about not being clear. I’m referring to the paragraph at the top of the overview tab on the flickr site. If one purpose of the flickr site is sharing information, I’m suggesting putting something along those lines into that first paragraph. For example, the part that starts with “the purpose of the site” could say “the purpose of posting photos is assumed to be getting feedback and sharing information.”

  • @Scott Van Manen – OK, I added that but had to drop some other stuff because that field is limited and that paragraph is up against the limit.

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