Effective Social Communication for Real Estate Photographers

January 11th, 2016

This is a guest post by Suzanne Feinberg.

I wanted to pass along some valuable information regarding LinkedIn as it relates to best business practices. When your page and profile are designed to attract attention; when you use posts to convey important information (regular or sponsored posts); when you belong to groups that improve your technical or business skills; and when you belong to groups that your potential clients belong to – you can create an engine that drives your business with relatively little effort each week.

A professional LinkedIn network can become a real estate photography sales engine if nurtured properly.  Unfortunately, many real estate photography professionals have not taken the time to grow their network effectively.

LinkedIn is not Facebook. Don’t treat your LinkedIn network as such! This powerful social network has the ability to increase your sales opportunities, but only if you take the time to grow and engage that network.

The professional real estate photographer should understand the power of a robust LinkedIn network. Maximizing a LinkedIn profile is the first step to Social Selling success. The LinkedIn profile is your first impression to the Real Estate Agent Client– optimize it!

LinkedIn is NO LONGER a repository for your resume. Your Real Estate Agent clients don’t care about your extraneous achievements. Your buyers look for a resource that mirrors their interests. Re-read and re-design your LinkedIn profile from the buyers perspective.

Don’t spend all day trying to optimize your LinkedIn profile. There are only a few changes required which will make an immediate impact on most of the views for your profile.

  1. Optimize the Photo
  2. Rewrite the Headline to Establish and Promote your Value
  3. Create a Summary on your LinkedIn profile to maximize TRUST and CREDIBILITY to your target audience and to maximize search engine optimization from the content and keywords.

There is empirical evidence showing the power of your LinkedIn profile in filtering your content to the top of a search. You can and should master your LinkedIn Skills (amongst other SEO tips) to become a keyword champion.

Your buyers review your LinkedIn profile as a part of their due diligence process. How can they establish your credibility and see that you’ve solved similar challenges? LinkedIn Recommendations are an excellent way to demonstrate the value you’ve offered in previous working relationships.

Now you have the resources to point future prospects during their buying journey.

Suzanne Feinberg is the owner of PowerVision360 Productions of Scottsdale Arizona. As an educator and coach, Suzanne’s students concentrate primarily on best business practices to improve their real estate photography businesses. January 18, 2016, begins the next class in her online professional development series for real estate photographers like the readers of this blog. Effective Social Communication for Real Estate Photographers will be taught in Lesson #1 of the course which will include a session on LinkedIn. As a reader of this blog, if you use the code PV4RE50 when you register for the course your will get a tuition discount of $50. To register or find out more about the course, visit our website at:

Update January 16: Students will be accepted for this class through Tuesday, January 19th and if you use the PV4RE50 code you will get a $50 discount at checkout. Signup at

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4 Responses to “Effective Social Communication for Real Estate Photographers”

  • Thank you for your post Suzanne.

    I actually prefer not to use my LinkedIn profile for marketing my real estate photography because I have a bunch of non-photography-related “talents” and skills on there that I believe will detract from my seriousness as a real estate photographer. I don’t want my realtor clients to see these. Are you recommending that I delete all that previous skills stuff and just tailor the profile to real estate photography only?

    Also, what are you thoughts about using a Facebook Business Page as a marketing tool? I have been searching for realtors and “Liking” their business pages. Then I spend as much time as I can looking at my Newsfeed and Liking and Commenting on every post I can. I feel “spammy” doing this but I don’t think other people will see it that way as their Newsfeed will be different than mine. I figure the more comments and Likes people see that are mine expands my visibility and having potential clients liking my Page. Also, of course, I would try to post a few photos each day. Any thoughts or recommendations on these strategies?

    Thank you.

  • @Roy

    From my personal experience, Facebook has been absolutely huge in landing some very good clients. The key, as you sort of figured out, is getting some realtors to like your page. After that when you post a few photos from a recent shoot “boost” the post to your followers and friends of those followers. In my area all the agents friend each other so you can really get your work in front of people who normally wouldn’t see it. May take a little time, but after a while if agents see your work enough and like what they see it can start to take off. Good luck!

  • As a real estate agent, nothing says trustworthy and competent more than a strong portfolio and some third party validation. The hard part for photographers I would say is getting their portfolio not just in front of an agent, but in an agent who is looking for a photographer. In the meantime, there are a lot of realtors who shoot the photos themselves, and would probably be looking for tips and I’m certain would come to a website like this one. Sooner or later, if the realtor wants to up his/her game, they’ll probably come back to this site. So I think networking and being available with the content that realtors would be looking at is also a smart way to get business.

  • This is great. I recently created a LinkedIn profile and hope to connect with people, share work and more. As much as I feel LinkedIn is weird, I don’t think it would be wise to totally neglect it’s potential for online networking and possible referral generation.

    Praying something comes from it eventually! I’m also trying to get some past clients to leave reviews on Google + Yelp. Who knows.

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