What Do Good Real Estate Marketing Photos Look Like?

December 13th, 2015

ProREPhotosLast week Jim in Denver asked:

I’m Looking for a list of 6 to 8 characteristics of a good real estate photo set. Is there anything in the archives?

Jim, you are in luck we have 10 essential principles of real estate marketing photography that is in our free PDF called What Real Estate Agents Need To Know About Photography.  The white ad that says, “What Home Sellers & Agents Need to Know About Photography – Free Download” on the right-hand side-bar of the blog links to the PDF. We’ve had a number of discussions about these essentials over the years. Also, this guide has been translated into 6 languages besides English. Here is where you can find the non-English versions. As of December 2015 a French translation is in the works.

Just a few months ago I boiled down this 5 page PDF to one double-sided page that can be used as a real estate photographers marketing brochure. On the first page, it explains why agents and home sellers need to use professional quality photography to market homes and on the second page it has a condensed form of the 10 essentials of real estate photography.

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5 Responses to “What Do Good Real Estate Marketing Photos Look Like?”

  • This is great. Very useful. Your blog mentions “2” pages. But my launch of the link builds only one page? I seem to get a complete document, “Ten Essentials”; but only one page?

  • @Lee – The post above has links to:
    1- Just the 10 essentials – click the image
    2- The double-sided page – click the link that says “one double-sided page”
    3- The page that has all the non-English versions – click the link that says “Here is where you can find… “

  • OPS!…..sorry, I clicked the wrong link

  • Thanks! I just put this on my web site, and did a boosted facebook post about the 10 essentials.

    If I were to add a number 11 to the list (or possibly replace #4) I would say, “Make sure the adjoining spaces are well lit and look inviting.”

  • Really good points you covered.Very nice.

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