What Is Currently The Best Software For Making Floor Plans?

November 29th, 2015

LaserMeasuringKen in Toronto asks:

I’ve decided to start doing floor plans for real estate. Can you suggest what the best floor plan drawing software is? Thanks.

First of all here is a link to the posts we’ve done in the last few years here on floor plans.

Which floor plan product you provide depends first on how elaborate a floor plan you want to make and what’s popular in your market. Over the last several years, floor plans have gotten more elaborate. There are three basic types:

  • Upper-end 360/3d: If you are shooting upper-end homes you may want to look at Matterport which can make both floorplans and 360 3D images. These make more sense for upper-end because the camera to create them and the hosting service is fairly expensive.
  • 2D Black and White: On the other hand if you just want to create a floorplan to integrate into a virtual tour you will want to get a laser measuring device (like this) that will allow you to quickly measure interiors and use software like either FloorDesign for the Mac or EZblueprint for Windows. Both of these make simple black and white 2D style floorplans.
  • 3D colored: For creating more elaborate floor plans that are 3D, colored and even have furniture is a good choice. also makes an iPad App called FloorplanFinder.

What is your favorite floorplan creation software?

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9 Responses to “What Is Currently The Best Software For Making Floor Plans?”

  • I found HD TV’s floor plan to be the easiest (although there’s definitely a learning curve).

    Geeeez, do floor plans really sell houses? Lots’a reasons to say “maybe, lets keep looking”…isn’t it sort of ‘informationing’ the folks to death?

    What if we forget drones, 360 vid, floor plans and just create a really sexy image that makes the phone ring? Would that be so bad?


  • Larry,

    Because this “which floor plan solution” question frequently gets asked in the Matterport User Group Forum, we compiled a list of 23 floor plan solutions and include them in the Matterport 3rd Party Solutions Directory…

    Based on your/your readers of PFRE, we’ll add your additional solutions to the Directory.

    By the way, Matterport is beta testing adding 2D schematic floor plans – created from the 3D Showcase.



  • Roomsketcher here. Fairly nice 3D colour plans with a rich sortiment of furnitures, but quite expensive.

  • Larry, I looked at the links and was surprised at the savings for today only.

    Easy Blue Print Professional reduced from $119.95 to $35.99
    70% off your purchase with code CyberMonday70

    Offer valid on purchases made at
    from November 29, 2015, 12:01am ET
    through November 30, 2015, 11:59 pm ET

  • I use Redstick iCad.

    My laser measure bluetooths the dimension to my tablet which really speeds things up. I leave the property with a 90% complete plan. I tweak the look in Photoshop and that’s it.
    The developers are very responsive too which is great.
    It is a little expensive though but, since I do a plan for nearly every property I shoot it pays for itself in no time.
    Google “Redstick iCad” for details.

  • The sale is still going on thru today, the 1st. Don’t know if they just keep rolling it over or….? Demo looks easy & simple, like I need for basic idea for my Customers(I’m a Realtor).

  • We use an app called PlanEdge – – This, again, uses a bluetooth measure to transfer the dimensions across to the tablet so you draw the plan as you go. It has many useful features and using it to draw complicated plans (such as curved walls, non-square rooms, etc.) is so much easier than using a pen and graph paper!

  • If you’re on IPAD/Phones environment, also check out MagicPlan :

  • I know I’m updating an old post, but it might still be of interest for some.

    If you’re still looking for a software for your floor plans, you should check out Space Designer 3D:
    Pretty easy to use, lots of features for floor plans, nice furniture catalog quality.

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