UAV Boot Camp: An Online Drone Training Course for New Pilots

November 18th, 2015

UAVChachLast week I talked to the guys at UAV Coach. UAV Coach is a drone blog and online community  that recently launched a 6-part drone training course. This is the course page.

The 90-minute video and text-based course is geared towards brand new and beginner pilots who want to break into the industry and hone their flight skills.

By being based online, students can get the information they need from anywhere in the World as long as they have an internet connection.

With interest in recreational and commercial UAVs expanding rapidly, the creator (Alan Perlman) wanted to make sure this course could be globally accessible to as many people as possible.

The UAV course page has a free preview video on Rules and Regulations. This preview video is both a preview of the course and a great great source of information for Drone pilots trying to understand the difficult subject of rules and regulations.

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6 Responses to “UAV Boot Camp: An Online Drone Training Course for New Pilots”

  • Great connection. Thank you.

  • For the Canadians here wanting to be proactive and get your UAV Ground school course online for $250 Cdn it can be done on the link below at I’m in the middle of the course and it’s very extensive with over 30 hours of material with videos and quizzes and upon completion they will issue a certificate.

    Keep in mind, this is not a mandatory course, nor will it grant you a blanket SFOC and even if it did the rules behind an SFOC still don’t allow you to fly your drone for real estate commercially as so many think it does.

    The governments around the world are so scared of these things they don’t know what to do about it other than hold press conferences and throw in some scary words like “could lead to imprisonment for LIFE”. Do your homework and get insurance from a company that will insure you for drones and take a course like this to at least educate yourself on air rules and regulations. Canada is likely to follow suit from Australia as it’s a major cash grab and at the end of the day, they want more of our money and this is a licence to print it for them.

  • Bookmarked for future use!
    If anyone has found good insurance that isn’t really expensive, I’d like to know. I’ve looked into getting a UAV but can’t see how it would be worth having as a service because of all the expense involved.

  • The sales page looks great. Since I will only be hiring licensed or certified by FAA (whatever it will be called) pilots with insurance – this post will be used as follows: Sent out to my two cousins who want to learn to fly drones and then commercialize it after they get flight down first. Thanks for directing us to the link.

  • Thanks for sharing our course! Happy to answer any questions. Jim, here’s a guide we put together about insurance you may find helpful:

  • Great info. Love my drones!!

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