An Update From Artez Photography – The Dominguez Family In Nanaimo, BC

November 2nd, 2015

ArtezA few days ago I heard from Mia Dominguez, the Mom/CEO of Artez Photography Corporation in Nanaimo, BC. Artez Photography is a very successful family run real estate photography and video company in Nanaimo. I’ve been following their success for many years. Here’s a post where we first described their success back in 2011. Mia and Alberto founded Artez Photography back in 2007 after moving from Columbia, South America in 2000.

In Mia’s recent update she said:

This year we have experienced incredible growth in our company. Photography continues to be our bread and butter, but video and particularly lifestyle video is becoming very popular.

After doing real estate video for quite some time, we decided to take things to the next level and started creating lifestyle videos which have been a huge success!

Exploring the possibilities of lifestyle video has been a great adventure that we would like to pursue for a long time. For this purpose, we have launched this promo reel that will give a taste of what Artez is all about and where we are heading.

Franchising Artez continues to be a very appealing idea but it’s been quite challenging to move forward due to the volume of work that we are experiencing. I suppose that those are called “growing pains”. Maybe next year will be the year to open Artez franchises.

I find Mia and Alberto’s success very inspiring! Their new promo reel does a great job of presenting their talents and the hard work that has brought them success. Mia pointed out that the family works together so closely that Mia and Alberto are going off to travel the world this month while the kids will stay home and run the business. Congratulations to the Dominguez family in their real estate photography/video success and best wishes for achieving their next steps!

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12 Responses to “An Update From Artez Photography – The Dominguez Family In Nanaimo, BC”

  • Wow, amazing work, very inspiring – the bar in real estate video just gets set higher all the time. Thanks for sharing Larry.

  • Bravo guys! Awesome hard working family, beautiful people, extraordinary talent and smart marketers – I’m not surprised, so well deserved!!

  • Congrats. It’s always inspiring and rewarding to hear of the success of our fellow professionals in this industry

  • Congratulations to the Dominguez family! This video gives the viewer an insight about the craft that is architectural video and photography, the work and talent that it takes to create very good architectural media and how one family is making it happen. Felicidades!

  • Congratulations to our friends from Colombia, Mia, Alberto and family. All the best always for you!


  • Congratulations to a beautiful family who show great vision and direction. They’re a great inspiration to me. Well done to the family and great news the parents can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

  • These people are indeed amazing! You’ll never meet nicer people than Alberto and Mia.

  • Thank you very much for your kind words and awesome feedback! It means A LOT to our entire team.
    Wishing you all the very best!

  • What an inspiration you are. Thanks for sharing a little of your story.

  • Great play on words for the name and a really nice growth in abilities and work. My congratulations to you all. Live long and Prosper.

  • Fantastic work! Very inspiring!

  • I can only echo the accolades written above. And what a fantastic promo video! Plus it must be good to be able to work so closely as a family. Thanks Larry of sharing this.

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