Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos: A book of The Most Baffling Property Photos

October 21st, 2015

TerribleRealEstatePhotosIn Monday’s post we were discussing the challenging problem of getting some real estate agents to realize that their photos are terrible. Long time PFRE blog reader Karl Punsvik of Narvik, Norway (Probably the northern most PFRE reader) made a comment that I think deserves some special coverage. Karl’s comment was:

“How Do You Get It Across To Some Realtors That Their Photos Are Awful?”

I would’ve bought them this book for Christmas 🙂

I think this is a brilliant suggestion! The Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos book above is written by the Andy Donaldson, creator of Besides the book Andy sells a 2016 Day-to-Day Calendar. I just got my copy of the book a few hours ago and it is awesome! Very funny!

Showing agents how hilarious bad photos are may be an angle to work into your marketing. Everyone gets a huge laugh out of bad real estate photos!

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7 Responses to “Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos: A book of The Most Baffling Property Photos”

  • I found the “suggested” readings on the link interesting. The author of this book has a calendar version. Not to be satisfied with 12 pages, but total immersion with 365 days of eye opening experiences. Most of the other suggested readings focused on more appropriate application of photography and the one with the catchiest title was “How To Take Photos the Move Houses.” Customer reviews for both were interesting.

  • I presume he has a license for all the images in the book and calendar?

  • @ Matt

    I was thinking the same thing, after all this guy is making $$ off photos that are technically copyright of other people.

  • @Matt & Chris – Yes, this has concerned me to in relation to all the sites that post bad real estate photography. I seriously doubt that he has a license to use any of these photos because in most cases it’s a serious amount of work to just find out who the agent that took the photos is. I think he gets away with this because 99% of agents don’t even realize they have any photo rights to license. I think I’ll try to contact him and ask him about this.

  • I have links to several “bad mls photo” sites from my web site. Sometimes it’s the property or elements in the picture that are strange and not that the image quality itself is all that bad. It can be argued that the agent might have made some poor choices on composition. If it’s just that somebody has spent 50 years collecting Coke branded kitsch and loaded every inch of the house with it, there isn’t anything that the agent can do about it other than to keep pleading with the owners to start packing it up and let some light in through the windows.

  • The Copyright issue could be scary. If one person takes the author to task for using their image(s), it a “per infringement” assessment which could be a multiplier based on the number of books printed. Not just sold, but printed as that would be an indication of the extent the author has envisioned their endeavor going.

    It’s really easy to find Bad MLS photo web sites and many of them draw from the same pool of images.

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