DJI Introduces The DJI OSMO: Can This Device Be Used For Real Estate Video?

October 15th, 2015

DJIOSMOJake in Portland recently pointed out that:

I saw this come through on my email today and checked out a few websites to see it in action. The DJI Osmo could be pretty sweet for stabilized video in real estate, don’t you think? But I also wonder if an extra $650 for this setup is worth more than a regular video stabilizer for my Canon 6D.

I have to agree with Jake that the DJI OSMO that will be shipping on October 23 looks like a pretty cool little device. The question is: Can this device be used to shoot real estate video. There are several reviews of the DJI OSMO at 1) and 2)

My first concern is, does this have a wide enough angle of view for shooting interiors. The Gizmoto article claims 90 degrees angle of view. That’s the angle of view my Canon 5DMkII with a 16-35mm zoom set at 18mm so yes, that should work OK.

My other concern would be what about the quality of the camera on the OSMO. The closest answer I’ve found to that is in the PFRE Flickr group in a discussion thread on the DJI OSMO, Chris@HD comments that he’s used the same camera used on the DJI OSMO handholding Drone walking through a home and was NOT impressed by the quality.

So before you get too worked up about the DJI OSMO you’d better carefully checkout if the video quality is up to your expectations. You will probably be happier putting your DSLR on a stabilizer.

Update 10/18: Here is some actual video shot by Brendan Schulman with a preproduction unit.

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15 Responses to “DJI Introduces The DJI OSMO: Can This Device Be Used For Real Estate Video?”

  • Crazy awesome! I want one!

  • not sure if it will be good for real estate in any way thought but I still want one!

  • It comes with the same camera that is on the DJI inspire 1 (the X3) for $649, which has a sensor size of 1/2.3. Highly unlikely is will be even remotely good enough for the lower light on real estate interiors.

    The other options for the handle are the X5 camera for the OSMO, which is 4/3 but the camera alone is $2199 and the X5R is also 4/3 but can record in raw but is $5,499.00 (both requiring an adapter)

    I cant see these 2 cameras even touching the Sony A7s or the A7s II in that price range in regards to low light and quality.

  • Super cool device. I won’t be surprised if we start seeing agents doing their own video walkthroughs with these things, but I doubt it will any good for real estate interiors. Especially if it is entirely automatic. Is it? They have the X5 and X5R micro 4/3 option, but as Chris points out its very pricey. At that point, you might as well buy a nice stabilizer for the camera you already have. Other than the possibility of agent walk throughs, I don’t see this being a viable real estate option. YET. These things will get better and cheaper.

  • As with most electronic technology these will get better and cheaper (to some point) as Anders has already stated. I believe, though, the design and concept of the DJI Osmo is radically new and innovative. I think it will revolutionize the video industry. The idea of a lightweight, handheld, stabilized video camera is way overdue. The first DSLR cameras weren’t good at all in low light and barely shot 2MB files. DJI is no small company and most likely will very quickly realize the demands of this type of camera are different than the video equipment they put on the Inspire drone. I think these could be a very affordable option to rigging your 5D onto a stabilizer rig. If you didn’t know, DJI is no stranger to the video industry, either. They make the DJI Ronin which is an advanced (and expensive) video stabilizer that a lot of professional film makers use. Plus I’m sure that companies like GoPro, Sony, and Canon are taking this entry into the video market very seriously and it won’t be long until there are many other similar products available.

  • The thing is this concept is not exactly new. These types of stabilizers have been around for a while, but it has always been a third party making a stabilizer for an existing camera like the gopro or cell phone. DJI is just one of the first to make an all in one system. You could spend more and combine one of these with the Sony rx100iv and have a really nice, light weight, single hand system. I think DJI has a really good thing going, and will compete well in the “action cam” category, but it will be a while before they take on Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc when it comes to image quality and low light performance. To compete in the real estate video world right now, I wouldn’t recommend the OSMO for interiors yet. You could, however, use it for some very cool lifestyle and approach shots.

  • I ordered it the day it was announced. I’ve had a Ronin for 3 months and finally took the time to use it on a project just yesterday. I agree with Andy that it’s not likely good enough for low light interiors but with the X5 it might be. However, for the lifestyle stuff at the beach, driving, hiking etc. I’ll certainly put it to use more often than the Ronin since it fits in my existing camera bag. Just like all filmmaker’s tools (drones, sliders, wide angles and OSMO’s) it’s never wise to over use any of them.

  • @Chris, you have 3 camera models, the X3 (12mp) which is the one they seem to be pushing that has the smaller sensor, the X5 which uses a micro 4/3 sensor (16mp) and the X5R which allows you to capture in raw. Interestingly enough I can’t seem to find a price for the X5 or X5R version on their site yet. The X5 is the one I am highly interested in, they can keep the X3.

  • @Tim W

    See reply #3….

  • The Osmo will be a game changer. Because DJI is already famous for their drones the Osmo will become a very popular camera. Fitted with the X5 camera it will be a very capable rig. Perfect for realestate videos. It’s just so much more convenient than the larger Ronin.


    My first video with a gimbal
    What you guys think?

    Shot with a GoPro black in 4K on protune
    Gimbal zhiyun tech
    Edit Final Cut Pro x
    Defished with core melt plugin

    Let me know I want critics for improvement

  • @villasManzanillo – Still a lot of fisheye distortion in may shots.

  • I just received my DJI Osmo today. First, this is an amazing piece of technology and is my new favorite toy. I regularly edit footage from the Phantom Pro 3 and Inspire 1 and the quality from the X3 camera is identical as you would expect.
    I shoot my real estate videos with a Movi M5 / Canon C100 / Ninja Blade combo which can get really heavy after a while.
    Based on an afternoon with the Osmo, there is a ton of potential with this system to add some really interesting footage you may not otherwise get with a larger system.

  • @Jim – Thanks for the info… I was hoping to find a seasoned RE videographer like you that would report on this.

  • This thing is a ton of fun and definitely opens up possibilities for some interesting angles… (I use it a lot mounted on my car). The quality is good outside, but as with most camera like this (and GoPro, etc.), it falls apart inside with low light. And as we know, many people live in pseudo caves with one 40 watt bulb in a nightstand lamp as the only light source in a bedroom. I’ve even noticed it falling apart outside on cloudy days. Bright light? Awesome. The video is also a little ‘crisp’ for me, sort of like the GH4, but definitely workable. It oftentimes looks very over sharpened. They just added a couple of log settings which may reduce that a bit.

    This video someone did is a perfect example of the super sharp (and I find annoying) crispness of the image.

    It’s not going to replace my regular inside gear at the point, but I’m definitely using it for certain things.

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