How To Correct Perspective Problems In Exterior Shots – By John McBay

October 5th, 2015

ExteriorPerspectiveJohn McBay has just released a new chapter in the video series, Image Editing for Real Estate Photography. The title of Chapter 31 is “Correcting Problems with Perspective”. This chapter deals with correcting perspective problems in exterior images. It is available now to those who have purchased the complete video series. Note, this content is not in John’s e-book of the same name, only the video series.

Click here or on the image to the right to watch a brief overview video of the new chapter.

Perspective distortion becomes a problem when one portion of the image is either unrealistically larger or smaller in relation to other parts of the image or when the shape of parts of the image are unrealistically distorted.

As in all of the video chapters, before the actual editing takes place, there is an in depth explanation of the causes of Perspective Distortion and how to avoid it. John shows several examples of different style houses where perspective problems can be eliminated or at least diminished depending on the direction from which the house is shot.

During the editing section, images of three homes with significant perspective distortion issues are corrected. Every step of the editing process is explained in detail. John explains which tools to use and which to avoid. The necessary tool parameters are explained for each tool used.

Click here or on the link at the top of the page (Image Editing for Real Estate Photography – the video series) to get additional information about the video series or to purchase it.

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4 Responses to “How To Correct Perspective Problems In Exterior Shots – By John McBay”

  • Step #1: Open Lightroom
    Step #2: Select Vertical under Lens Corrections
    Step #3: Crack open a beer after all that hard work

  • John: I really enjoyed watching your session overview: you demonstrate some really nice refinements to what are already beautifully shot properties and include some very helpful shooting advice in this preview: thanks! @George (whose web link leads nowhere BTW ) : Lightroom will do many things automatically but it won’t touch what’s going on in John’s careful approach to improving close-shot exteriors. Being able to fix converging verticals is a very useful remedy for the RE photographer: but this video goes into much more interesting territory, to show how exteriors can be precisely re-rendered in terms of their perspective feel for a pleasing effect with the complex tools available. This is valuable information.

  • George, you should watch the preview video – it’s for more complex issues than those which can be dealt with in Lightroom.

  • Guys. Relax 🙂 meant as a light joke, since Lightroom fixes things 95% of the time. The odd thing is that my Mac version of Lightroom is less reliable than my windows copy, even though they’re both updated. For the rare failures, of course Free Transform with guides will resolve things quickly. But see how less entertaining that was?

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