Update to The PFRE Real Estate Photography Directory

September 2nd, 2015

PFREdirectoryBack in March of this year we dropped the yearly reoccurring payment aspect of registering for a listing in the PFRE Real Estate Photographers Directory. We didn’t announce this change until now because it only affected those that had set up a reoccurring registration. We also wanted to make sure that all the reoccurring payments in PayPal got canceled and we were running smoothly on a non-subscription model.

The reason we dropped the directory registration yearly payment is many people didn’t realize the $40/$30 was a yearly reoccurring subscription when they signed up. So some were confused and surprised when the renewal happened. We decide that the easiest solution would be to just drop the reoccurring payment part. This made it a better value for photographers and made it easier to manage for us.

So as of last March you just pay once up front and have the directory listing forever. Everything else is the same. $40 gets you listed highest in the directory than the $30 basic registration. The paying more to get listed higher was a reader requested feature. PFRE contest winners get listed the highest in the directory.

During the directory registration process, you set up a directory account and password so once you create you entry you can come back later and update it. If you leave the registration process without paying you can’t come back later and finish. The account is dead and I delete them.

So after years of refining this directory of real estate photographers I think we finally have it set up so it’s a great value for photographers and it doesn’t take a bunch of my time to maintain.

Update Sept 3: I need to point out a couple of links that apparently aren’t very obvious:

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10 Responses to “Update to The PFRE Real Estate Photography Directory”

  • Sorry, but cannot find the link to sign up for the directory

  • How can we get listed? Cannot find the link to the sign up page

  • Bruce – take a look here (had to do some digging through old posts)

    Go down to “Get Listed Now” to find the link.

  • Larry, if we want to be listed in 2 states, do we need to set up 2 different accounts?

  • I found it. The purple/magenta box on the left side of the web page. That takes you to the “Sign up now” info page. Trying to find the actual Directory noticed on rollover the headline was active but it brought me to the registration/payment page. However, that page does have menu links to regions of the directory which will take you there. Suggestion: after this new surge with sign-up, suspect will be re-working the entry. Have the link go directly to the registry, perhaps a custom page with a short blub on the value of using professional photography, and links on that page to select the region of most interest and an additional link for new photographer sign-up. In addition to the purple/magenta box where the wording is more photographer based “find clients”, put a menu item, like “mls-directory” currently exists on the home page.

    Now what started the exercise and my question. I wanted to confirm that I was in fact on before asking a question. What do those currently on the Directory have to do to get a password to access the existing directory account as mine desperately needs updating.

  • Thanks Carolyn – would never have found that 🙂

  • After my post above, noticed there was a direct link to the directory embedded in the first sentence of today’s post. I didn’t need to go through that convoluted process noted above. There is a login button which asks “Username” and “Password”. Just go through the “Forgot Password” process? Also is “user name” the email used for billing when signing up – and where the password reset link will go – (now rarely used) or a word we made up?

  • Thanks for pointing out all these issue with not being able to find the sign-up page. I will get this fixed.

  • Larry, thanks again for this resource. Just my $.02 but I feel like it would be infinitely more useful if the listings had photo samples or a portfolio embedded. I remember looking for a NYC photographer last year and having to go to each user’s website took forever. Since everyone has a different “style” I really wanted to look through samples of each, without having to visit each of their sites and look for the real estate photo section. Also a quick contact link (email or a form) right there in the listing would be helpful!

  • @Aric – Good idea. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll have to talk to Cristi my web mechanic about that.

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