Special Promotion Going On In September For LightTrac App

August 31st, 2015

lightracThe LightTrac App is celebrating its fifth year anniversary. To celebrate, they are announcing a discounted price for the month of September. The App which normally is $4.99 will be $2.99 during September.

For those not familiar with LightTrac, it’s App that allows you to see exactly where the sun will be at any address at any given time. Just what real estate photographers need to do to when planning a shoot. It can prevent showing up at a home and having to shoot into the sun for the front shot.

While LightTrac is available on most smartphones and tablets, the developers have recently made a bunch of improvements to the IOS version of LightTrac recently:

  • Completely refreshed UI now optimized with support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.
  • Landscape view on iPhone has been much improved.
  • A New feature to set up reminders from within an app to remind yourself of a future photo shoot.
  • Compass integration to auto-orient the map to user’s position.
  • Google Maps is back as the default maps provider.
  • Search locations feature in iPhone version can be accessed from the main screen toolbar.
  • Save any spot to favorites with an easy-access save feature on main screen toolbar.
  • Share your location via a unique LightTrac URL. Copy-paste this into your email, blog posts or social media
  • to share the selected location, date and time for a proposed photo shoot with others.
  • You can now zoom in by double-tapping on the map without changing your map center as well as you can zoom out by tapping once with two fingers.

While there are several other Apps and websites that do similar things LightTrac is one of the most popular Apps of this type and during September it will be one of the cheapest too.

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12 Responses to “Special Promotion Going On In September For LightTrac App”

  • When does this sale start? I just went to the Google Play store, but it wasn’t on sale yet.

  • Just used it last night on my first twilight exterior shoot!

  • Wow great deal and very useful app! I was looking into this and for $3 its a no-brainer. Thanks for the heads up, love this site!!

  • How are photographers using this app? I understand the importance of the sun’s location. I always ask “which direction does the house face?” Houses facing South catch sun most of the day – North doesn’t get much sun at all on the front. NE needs to be a morning shoot, and just opposite, NW Is an afternoon shoot. There’s always special situations, and I guess some photographers really want a specific angle, sun position. But I’ve used apps like this and it’s always “which way does house face?” Am I missing something?

  • How does this solution compare to the Photo Ephemeris? And no mention of Android compatible.

  • Not available yet at Google store from my Galaxy 5 phone.

  • @Colley – the special is supposed to start today (Sept 1) and go all through Sept.

  • @Colley & Chip – I just checked and as of 9:15 AM PDT the Google Play store now has it listed as $2.99. The developers just told me that they updated the price some hours ago but it takes a while to take effect.

  • @Mike

    I would say that these 2 things plus not every agent/seller will know the answer to that question. Relying on them may make you scream.

    1) A New feature to set up reminders from within an app to remind yourself of a future photo shoot.
    2) Save any spot to favorites with an easy-access save feature on main screen toolbar.

  • @Mike ONeill, I find that in many cases there is a window of 2-3 hours where the sun will light up the front door on any home that isn’t facing North due to the architecture. The style of the home will have a large influence. For north facing homes, I try to not have the sun directly behind the home. Between Google Street View and a sun tracking program, it should be possible to find the best time of day for the all important front exterior photo.

  • Hey, your very right, sometimes agents don’t know hardly anything about the property, my 1st question every time is “which direction?”, I basically preach this to my agents, many will automatically tell me, I find by asking, it encourages my agents to tell me details about the property. As far as reminders, that’s what my calendar is for.

    Ken, you are also right. There’s always special situations, I always look the property up in Google Maps, usually a pretty good idea of what to expect, but in most of my cases any shadows around front doors or anywhere around the house, I can usually correct with LR or PS. besides, I always tell my agents “I will get you a good front shot”, on occasions I will drop back by the house to reshoot something, that’s usually because the agent can’t get me there at the best times, chances are I’ll be in that area or close by anyway it’s not a big deal.
    I think my best app for shooting is ME, after doing this a few years now I kinda know what to expect. I do get surprises sometimes, I just live and learn from it.

    Thank you both for responding to my comment.

  • Been using Light Trac for years… it makes timing location shoots so much easier! Get it, got it. good!

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