Congratulations Alasdair McIntosh PFRE Photographer of The Month August

August 23rd, 2015

Aug2015AlasdairMcIntoshCongratulations to Alasdair McIntosh, York, UK, the PFRE photographer of the month for August.

Alasdair is a first-time winner. He’s been a regular contestant for a long while. I must say, I really like this beautifully composed exterior shot of this idyllic English cottage. Great job Alasdair!

Here are all the contestants that the jurors awarded points to this month:

  1. #12, Alasdair McIntosh, York, UK
  2. #30, Brian Doherty, Boston, MA
  3. #27, Jon Encarnacion, Lake Forest, CA
  4. #7Matt Parvin, Southport, North Carolina
  5. #15, Ryan Hunt, Levin, New Zealand
  6. #16, Thom Neese, Omaha Nebraska
  7. #11, Craig McCasland – San Antonio, Texas

Don’t forget to check out the discussion in the contest Flickr group. There is a lot of good discussion of composition and lighting. If you are working at raising the level of your work this discussion is a must read!

I’ve now updated the photos in the contest Flickr group to show all the entrants names. Thanks for everyone’s participation!

Here are Alasdair’s comments about creating this image:

I’m very happy to have won this month’s contest. Thanks to all the jurors and to all the commentators on the flickr group. Their comments always make a good read.

When I pulled up to this house located in a beautiful little village in the North Yorkshire Moors, it was raining. Fortunately by the time I’d had a look around and done a few of the interior shots the sun had started to appear and I was outside quickly before the rain returned. Such is the game in this part of the world. I first tried to scope out an angle of the house from inside the boundary hedge you can see in the photograph but although it was okay, there was a lot of gravel drive and I was much closer than I’d have liked. I took a look at a possible angle from outside the garden to bring in more of the property’s setting and with a bit of elevation with the camera on an extended tripod held above my head I managed to get a decent gap between the trees to help frame the house. I also timed the shot with a bit of thin cloud passing a slight shadow over the road and verge in the foreground so as not to draw too much attention to them. The processing consisted of a pretty straightforward RAW conversion in lightroom and I cropped to 5×4 for this contest.

Thanks also to Larry for his work in running this contest.

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8 Responses to “Congratulations Alasdair McIntosh PFRE Photographer of The Month August”

  • Well done, Alasdair, a wonderful image and a well-deserved win! Congratulations!

  • Congrats, Alasdair! Love how you’ve drawn the eye to the home.

  • Great photo, and sounds like a great photographer. So many things done right!

  • Great job Alasdair, congratulations on the win!

  • Congratulations, and a great photo. Yorkshire is such a beautiful area and captures the atmosphere with the home well.

  • Amazing image Alasdair! Congratulations

  • Excellent image, Alasdair. Congratulations on your win.

  • Congratulations, fantastic photo! Well deserved first place!

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