Announcing The Image Editing For Real Estate Photography Video Series by John McBay

August 17th, 2015

ImageEditingAdI am pleased to announce the latest addition to the PFRE blog video collection, Image Editing for Real Estate Photography, the video series, by John McBay.

This video series consists of more than 75 videos, covering over 30 different editing challenges, totaling more than 40 hours of video. These videos are designed to help you overcome the most common, and many of the not so common, real estate image editing issues. Whether you are a complete beginner or more experienced, the demonstrated editing techniques will help to make your images look their absolute best.

The videos are grouped into albums, Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements for your convenience. The videos in each album demonstrate techniques that can be used with the associated software alone. However, you are not restricted to the videos in a given album, you have access to all of the videos in all of the albums.

Each chapter begins with a brief discussion of the problem, what might be causing it, and possible ways to avoid it or diminish it in the future. If there is more than one technique or tool that can fix the problem, they will all be described in detail, including what the differences are, which is best, or fastest, and why.

The actual editing starts off with a problem image and continues with an in-depth explanation of the steps to correct the problem(s). Nothing is taken for granted. The choice of tools and their associated settings and parameters is explained in detail, as well as the reasons for the choices being made. Once the problem has been solved, the videos go on to show you how to fine-tune the image to improve it even more.

And this isn’t the end. John already has additional videos in the works and they will be made available to all registered users as the videos are ready.

We are offering a special introductory discount price of $89 (US) thru September 30, 2015.

For much more information and access to preview and overview videos or to purchase, please visit Image Editing for Real Estate Photography, the video series.

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11 Responses to “Announcing The Image Editing For Real Estate Photography Video Series by John McBay”

  • This is the most convoluted way to register and pay for a video. Why make it so difficult? Too many hoops to jump through. Wow.

    Many thanks,

  • Houston

    You are absolutely right.

    I recently had some programming issues that prevented me from creating a more traditional registration page. Rather than delay the release of the videos any longer, I decided to go ahead using this convoluted method until I could resolve the programming issues.

    I will be working on this over the next week or so and hope to have it resolved soon.

    I traded some e-mails with Houston and I have already resolved another issue that he brought to my attention.

    Thank you for your very valid criticism.

    I actively solicit any and all complaints, comments, observations, etc. concerning the video series, the website, registration, etc.

    Thank you.


  • Congrats John!

    I’ve already learned so much from your e-book, I’m sure the video will be a great compliment to it!


  • Watched your preview videos and just went through the registration and payment process.

    Look forward to viewing the videos.


  • Hi John McBay, I watched your intro videos and was just about to make my purchase when I hit your 4-Step Registration Process minefield. OMG! Houston is absolutely correct. There’s a problem. Your current purchasing process is a amazingly convoluted, and seriously, I don’t feel comfortable to proceed. I have to be a member of Vimeo, provide you a password to register for me… etc. Ugh! Perhaps, back in the days of Netscape… maybe. Nowadays? No!

    Can companies like e-Junkie, Digital River, or FastSpring that specialize in digital products fulfillment and delivery help? Hopefully, you can find a better and cleaner solution soon!

    As much as I would to start learning from the videos, I guess I just have to wait.


  • I was about to go through the purchase process, I still want to but I will wait until the process is facilitated.
    Can john please keep us posted on this?

  • I hear you. This is what happens when a Real Estate photographer creates a website.

    I have read the comments here and I have had e-mails from several individuals about the Registration process.

    I rewrote the whole registration process today and it is up and active. I think it is a big improvement, but, this is just an interim fix. I hope to have it even more simplified in just a few more days.

    Keep an eye on these comments. I will announce when the next iteration goes live.

    Thank you for everyone’s comments, criticisms, suggestions and patience.

    John McBay

  • The Registration re-do is complete (at least I hope it is). No more e-mails. Just fill in a form like everywhere else.

    I would be interested if, when people register, they detect any issues or have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

    Thank you all for your patience and my apologies to those who struggled through my misguided registration process.

    Any comments, suggestions, complaints can be sent to:

    Thank you.


  • John, Why is it you have to wait 48 hours to get access to video? The one I have purchased you have access almost immediately.
    Just signed up and looking forward to watching your video series.



  • Conrad

    You normally don’t. I just processed your registration within an hour of receiving it.

    Unfortunately, because of the method that Vimeo uses to restrict access to only people that I choose, the Vimeo portion has to be done manually. There is no way to do it automatically.

    Enjoy the videos.

    I welcome all feedback.

    Thank you


  • Sorry John, I should have waited a little longer.



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