Have You Updated To Windows10 Yet?

August 9th, 2015

Window10Felix asked:

Now that Windows 10 is out, I wondered if you had gotten any feedback from your readers on any issues with the Adobe products?

Yes,  I can imagine that a lot of people are wondering about when to update to Windows 10. Here is Adobe’s official statement about Creative Cloud support in Windows 10.

First of all, with this kind of major update if you update to the new version right away, you are at a higher risk of problems than if you wait a few weeks or months for Microsoft to fix the early problems. The old adage is that pioneers end up taking a lot of arrows.

I’ve not upgraded my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 10 yet, I’m waiting for a few months. After all, the free upgrade period lasts through to July 29, 2016. But if you are anxious to get started with Windows 10 here are some resources:

  1. Here is a great discussion thread in the PFRE Flickr group where people are talking about their experiences moving to Windows 10. Some report problems but most people upgrading don’t have problems.
  2. Windows 10 Security settings – This Wired article explains that Windows 10 collects a lot more personal data than previous Windows systems and explains how to go through your security settings and understand what’s happening and how to change settings.
  3. Windows 10 FAQ
  4. CNET article.
  5. article
  6. article

On balance Windows 10, is getting generally good reviews, but there are some people that are having problems.

How is your upgrade to Window 10 going?

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18 Responses to “Have You Updated To Windows10 Yet?”

  • I agree Larry.
    I’m in no hurry to have ANY new problems in my life……at least until I get some of the old ones ironed out!
    Let the tech guys get the bugs out first!

  • Upgraded then downgraded again.
    It has issues with intel’s HD4000 graphics, otherwise it’s much better than windows 8.1 for sure!

  • Windows? What are these windows? 🙂

  • I am delaying it as happy with Win 7 while also contemplating 100% Apple vs 50/50. Issue with the NVidia driver has me concerned as I am running one of their GTX cards to support the demands of Premiere Pro.

    Not overly concerned about compatibility with MLS. Historically, got warnings from MLS every time Microsoft upgraded IE, not to upgrade until compatibility issues were resolved. Notably silent this time, so checked the MLS website and saw an article just prior to release date, but no updates, with no warnings not to upgrade but noting that Corel was working on ‘minor’ compatibility issues with the new Edge browser. One of the key features of Matrix is probably the reason there was no warning. Pre-Matrix, it was IE dependent as that was the only browser supported. Now, if Edge doesn’t work, just use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

  • I upgraded Saturday night and so far have not had any issues. Upgrading was a breeze and only took about 30 minutes. I use LR & PS and both are working fine. The only reason I upgraded this soon is due to being on Windows 8.1 which I was having problems with it crashing periodically. If I was still on a Windows 7 machine I probably would not have upgraded this soon.

  • I upgraded the day it released and am really happy I did. No problems with Photoshop, Lightroom, AE or Premiere. It was a really painless transition.

  • The reason I wait to upgrade is that over the years I’ve had problems with 3rd party programs becoming incompatible, and then having to wait for them to get their plugins up to date. It can be months before they get it right. And it doesn’t affect all of them, just the one you need to use right now. 🙂

  • No issues at all the first week, and a love the new interface. But then suddenly I could not boot past a black screen!! There are some wonderfully smart folks who post solutions out there, so I will share in case someone else has the issue. For me once I followed the instructions here, I went to the Nvidia site to upload the correct graphics driver updated for Win10, and things are running perfectly again.

  • To be honest I am a little amazed on how well the update went. Tens of millions of computer operating systems were updated over the course of a few days and the general conciseness is that everything went well. That doesn’t mean perfect, just that a vast majority of people had no major issues.

  • Had difficulty, after the switch, with some low-end monitors in our office. They were cutting off the right 1/4 to 1/3 of the screen. We tried everything from installing new drivers, re-scaling, changing monitor settings, etc. We switched out the monitors with higher end units, as an experiment, and they worked fine.

  • I haven’t upgraded from Windows 8.1 (which I hate) because I am also a Realtor and the local MLS and brokerage sites have asked us to wait until they iron out compatability issues. I’ve heard nothing bad from virtual tour sites as yet.

  • Great topic! Thanks for posting. I check this site EVERY day right before I check Gizmodo.

  • Greetings:
    To this point, I have done 4 in-place upgrades, with numbers 5 & 6 in the queue. I have found the upgrade process to be completely pain free, seamless, and dare I say, elegant. Win 10 is the most appealing OS I think they’ve ever released, in terms of attractiveness, functionality, upgrade discomfort, and compatibility.

    Both Photoshop and Lr work w/o issue. Both have themselves updated at least once since Win10 came out. Whether related to ’10’s release or not, both apps have worked with zero issue.

    The only, anticipated, hiccup I ran into on one system was Office 365 becoming disabled. I received a message indicating the Trial License had expired. I simply logged back into O’365 and problem was remedied.

    I too have been on the fence about making a move toward Apple. This upgrade’s going to push that decision off quite a while I think.

    Other things of note, no graphic card issues, external drives all function just fine, mobile devices and other remote connections also work w/o issue. WiFi and networking kept functioning w/o issue. Monitoring system usage before/after, I cannot honestly say there is any change, at all, in CPU or RAM usage.

    It really is the best of Win7 and 8.1 rolled into one. Also, they’ve completely refreshed the UI. There’s none of the kludge we’ve seen in the past, where Win 3.x components, or Win 4x, were carried forward under the covers. Thus far, everything I’ve touched has been refreshed, from Notepad, to Calculator, Solitaire, and Settings.

  • PS: Even Colormunki works post-upgrade w/o issue.

  • After updating, I could not access the internet due to an unidentified driver problem. I went back to Windows 7, which I’ve been perfectly happy with.

    Last winter I traded my Motorola Android phone (ugh) for an iPhone. That convinced me that my next computer will be a Mac. Goodbye cobbled together systems, hello full integration.

  • Did my laptop last week, no issues, just finished my new desktop and no issues either, LR, PS and even Spyder pro works the same.

  • My Dell Laptop converted to Windows 10 and there have been no problems. I did turn off all of the “Let WIN10 run your life.” apps which has to have helped.
    Photoshop, Lightroom and Adobe Bridge are all working fine. All of the MS Office programs are working fine and my remote security camera software also works fine along with email and all. Their new internet browser (EDGE) has some use faults that make it unusable for me.

  • I upgraded the day it came out and all went well until I connected my camera. Now windows doesn’t see the folders on the memory card. I’ve had to use ViewNX to import. After that they are fine.

    A second problem creeped up where something corrupted in my start menu and it would no longer open. Had to delete some of the user profile files.

    So, yes, there is some wisdom in waiting a little for them to squash some bugs!

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