The Photography For Real Estate E-book Has Been Updated, Expanded and Reduced In Price

July 30th, 2015

PFRE40CoverI’m proud to announce that I’ve completed an update and expansion of my Photography For Real Estate ebook. This ebook is designed for people just getting started in real estate photography. It goes into all the technical basics of real estate photography. Everything you need to know to get started. This book along with The Business of Real Estate Photography is a compilation of everything we talk about here on the PFRE blog to help people get started in the business.

Here are the main new features of this book:

  1. It is now vertical format laid out to work well on tablets and even smartphones.
  2. An increase of 72 pages over the last edition.
  3. Significantly updated chapter on choosing gear.
  4. Updated chapters on post-processing with Lightroom.
  5. Updated chapter on Enfuse processing.
  6. A new chapter on the basics of property video.
  7. Reduced price from $35 to $19. The bundled price of this book and the Business of Real Estate Photography book is now $25. This price reduction in intended to make these to getting started e-books more accessible to those trying to get started on a low budget.

This updated book and the new pricing is currently available and as usual with PFRE e-books, everyone that has purchased this book (clear back to when we started publishing it in 2006) will get a free download link for this update. Your update download link will automatically be sent (this weekend) to the email you used to initially purchase the book.

Update 8/1/2015: As of about 3 PM Pacific US time I’ve sent out download links for the new version of the Photography For Real Estate e-book to everyone that has purchased the book either by itself or as a bundle with the Business of Real Estate Photography e-book. The download links are sent to the email address used to purchase the book originally.

Update 8/7/2015: As of today this book can be purchased as a spiral bound hard copy. To do so just use the purchase button on the bottom right of the purchase page. Remember, if you purchase the hard copy, there is no 30 day refund nor do you get future updates to the book.


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9 Responses to “The Photography For Real Estate E-book Has Been Updated, Expanded and Reduced In Price”

  • Fantastic, Larry, with every update it gets better and better! Thanks!

  • is there a free update for those that already purchased the book?

  • The best informatio on real estate photography anywhere at a price that’s way below it’s value and benefit to the industry. On top of that Lary provides the best customer service and support you’ll find anywhere. Thanks again Larry for all that you continue to do for everyone.

  • @dave – Yes, as the post says the download links will be sent out this weekend.

  • Are there any other options besides e-books?

  • @Daniel – We will have a hardcopy in a few days for $30. But since All PFRE Ebooks are PDFs one can very easily print them.

    With the hardcopies we can’t give future updates (because we don’t know who purchases books) and there is no 30 day refund. Just check back on the landing page ( and if you want the hardcopy use the link when it appears there.

  • Some of the best money I have ever spent, and I always enjoy reading the updates, Larry.

  • The bundle includes the updated version right ?

  • @Mouhamad Yes, of course.

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