Matterport vs Autodesk 3D Max Floorplan Video

July 9th, 2015

Autodesk 3DDavid in Arizona asked the following question:

We have a potential homebuilder client that is interested in 3D floorplans that we can incorporate into a 2-4 minute video. These are the kind of videos that are created in Autodesk 3D Max. Here is an example of a similar video.  Do you know of a company that can help us create these type of floorplans.

You could probably find a freelancer that does Autodesk 3D Max at but of course you will have to get setup to take measurements of properties and send them to the freelancer. Don’t under estimate the amount of work that it’s going to take to do that kind of video even if you contract with a freelancer to do the Autodesk work.

To me the example video you sent is no where near as compelling as a Matterport tour. See this post on that technology:

While Matterport is appears expensive – $4500 + $100+ per month if you have a builder that is willing to contract with you to do a bunch of his new homes that could easily cover the initial investment of a Matterport camera and get you started as a Matterport provider. I think the Matterport tours would do the job you are talking about better for builder. I’ve heard several photographers in the Arizona say that there is a significant demand for Matterport tours in upper-end Arizona listings.

I think Matterport is a much better approach if you can contract with the builder for a fixed number of tours.

What do you think, what’s the best solution for David?

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8 Responses to “Matterport vs Autodesk 3D Max Floorplan Video”

  • Join the free Matterport User Group Forum for a deeper dive; including 2D and 3D floor plan solutions from Mattetport 3D Showcase and the object file .obj that the Matterport Pro 3D Camera captures.


    Matterport User Group Forum

  • Google 13 2D and 3D floor plans solutions plus Matterport User Group Forum. These tools compliment Matterport 3D Showcase model and .obj files that will help you with your video and builder.


  • Many Tourfactory areas have contracts with matterport shooters; check the Tourfactory site for the zip code in question.

  • I wouldn’t even bother. As a former Autodesk teacher for architectural software including the fundamentals courses on Max the learning curve is very steep.

  • As Larry said, IF you can get a contract signed sealed and enforceable, then you might want to go forward. All this is assuming that you will make a decent profit, otherwise this is just a bunch of new fluff that will die away like all the other tech.

    The fact is I have seen a few other new systems that are going to hit the market soon that promise to do similar functions. Remember, if your first on board with these new toys, you are going to be paying top dollar for what will likely cost a fraction a year from now. Anyone remember when the first calculator by Texas instruments hit the market…..?

  • 3D floor plans are not so expensive at all.. maybe try contacting

  • I own a matterport, and have done the whole 3D floor plan thing as well. A Matterport tour is an user guided experience like google maps. Showing a still shot of a 3D rendering, in my mind, really doesn’t add any value to a video for me, especially when there are room names in the video and 2d black line floor plan on the website where the video is hosted.

  • I had a good long look at Matterport. I think it’s fantastic technology although I suspect a far cheaper camera will be out before long. Because there’s no artistic or technical input required, I also suspect that realtors will handle this themselves before long (sending an assistant out to do it for example) or the price will be driven down to a very commoditized level. I think it’s strongest with staged homes. Not many owners would feel that great about giving a burglar a blueprint to their home and it’s belongings. Also, many homes have parts that really are best off not shot. Of course, you can exclude them with Matterport but their omission is conspicuous when you see the models filled with black holes! I also wish that there was a way to view and host the models without the company being in the middle of it all.

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