Quick And Easy Way To Get Higher Google Ranking For Your Website

July 2nd, 2015

Google PlacesI revisit this subject periodically because it’s something everyone with a website needs to do. Last week someone ask about how to improve the Google ranking of their site.

Google ranking is always related to a specific search term. The search term you are interested in as a real estate photographer is “real estate photographer your-town“. The idea is, when an agent in your-town does a google search for “real estate photographer your-town” you want to be listed as high as possible on the first result page so searchers see your website listing and click on it.

Here is a quick and simple way to get your site high on the first page of search results exactly where you want it: Sign up for Google Places. Being registered on Google Places has a several of benefits:

  1. When someone is using google maps and searches for “real estate photographer” it will show your business and site with a little map pin.
  2. Also when someone googles “real estate photographer your-town” you are right up there on top with the search results… unless there are a bazillion other real estate photographers registered on google places in the same location. Ultimately where you are ranked will depend on how many people registered before you.
  3. If you are so lucky to be the first real estate photographer in your town to register you get top ranking immediately!

An example of this is that I registered with google places in about 2008 when I did the first post on this subject and in my sleepy little town (Salem, Oregon) I got top ranking since I was the only real estate photographer registered on google places. Now there are still only one other real estate photographer registered in Salem. So if any one googles “real estate photographer Salem Oregon” there I am up towards the top of the page. However, many folks in Seattle that read my post registered with google places and didn’t get as good result as I got here in Salem. In Seattle if you register with google places you don’t even get on the first page for the search term “real estate photographer Seattle” because there are pages and pages of real estate photographers in Seattle. So you can see this works way better in locations where there isn’t massive competition.

Oh yea, I should mention. After registering your business with google places google will send you a letter with a pin number on it that they want you to use to verify your information. This is just to make sure your address is not bogus. If you don’t go through the verification process eventually your business listing with google will go away.

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7 Responses to “Quick And Easy Way To Get Higher Google Ranking For Your Website”

  • I get most of my new clients from visits to my website, often commenting how they like my photos. This is one more great way to increase visibility while focusing the online presence on the business side. I just signed up, thanks for another great tip!

  • My business address is my home address. Is it ok to use that address to pin too?

  • Another HUGE thing to remember with Google is that they are now penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly. Simply put, if your website does not change it’s layout automatically to view easier on a cell phone or tablet, then Google will push your site down their rankings.

    Google even has a page setup where you can put in your website link and test:

    Luckily this worked in my favor when the big switch happened over the past few months, and I shot near the top of the list since my site is built on a mobile responsive WordPress theme.

  • You should always ask new customers how they found you. If you have worked to get web site a higher ranking on search engines, you want to know that the effort has paid off. If somebody is calling via a referral and they hire you, you should send the referrer a discount card, a small gift or a percentage commission depending on who they are. I’ve done that on a couple of occasions with great results.

    Often times we are too close to our web sites to evaluate them objectively. Ask clients what search terms they would use to find a RE photographer. Larry’s recommendation of “real estate photographer your-town” is the most obvious. Substituting “photography” is a good second place. You never know what other terms an agent might use and not so obvious search terms would put your site at the top of the rankings and may not include your competition.

    Be sure that you not only cover the town you are in, but neighboring cities and communities too. If there is a luxury community within a couple of hours drive, often times those home will be all day or multi-day jobs and well worth the trip. The same might be said for resorts or areas with vacation rentals. A rental near a ski resort might want to have pictures made in the early winter just after the first good snow, yet before the slopes open. Filling in that slow period between Thanksgiving and Super Bowl (US) is something I’m always looking to do.

  • @Allison Miller, I work out of my home too and I’m nervous about “pinning” it. It’s a big digital sign that reads: “House with expensive, easy to resell photo gear here.” I also don’t use my home address for anything. I’m going to look into using the city center or post office as the pinned location.

    All of my mail and packages go to the local post office. BTW, if you have a PO Box, you can use the post office’s physical address for UPS, FedEx and other package delivery services. You need to fill out an extra form, but it doesn’t cost extra. No more BH PhotoVideo shipments sitting on your front porch all day.

    @Jake, One of the best things about WordPress is that there are so many “responsive” themes that are dead simple to use, it makes keeping a web site mobile friendly easy to do. I try to get people to use a desktop or laptop with a good sized monitor to view my site. Using a 4-6″ screen to view a web site, especially a photo web site, is a less than optimum experience. One step forward, two steps back.

  • Do you know how much is monthly?

  • Google Places is a good start but there’s a lot more to getting your site on page 1 Google ranking asap (key words/praises, speed optimization, traffic flow via social media, Google+ presence, forced Ad Word placement to build organic friendly traffic, etc etc etc… etc). SEO is 75% science, 75% art and 150% hard work. It’s very tough and really just the tip of the iceberg for generating business online. The real acid-test is “conversion” – getting the phone to ring from that wonderful placement. Conversion is 10X the challenge of being #1 on Google. Sitting at the top of the page with pretty pictures (or product or service) is no guarantee anything’s gonna happen.

    Speaking from the experience of having a half dozen sites at the top of Google page #1 (organically!) – all the way from silly-stupid websites to ex$pensive state-of-the-art professionally built ones, I’ll pound both fists on the table and expound this to anyone listening:

    Now more than ever, the most effective way to get business is the old fashion way: Toe to toe. A hand shake, a referral. Get out and meet people. Be embarrassed. Get rejected. You’ll differentiate yourself, and you’ll build clientele fast.

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