The June PFRE Photographer Of The Month Contest is Closed – Video Contest Open

June 15th, 2015

JuneStillContestAs of today, the PFRE June Photographer of the month contest is closed. I’m turning the entrants over to the jury for voting. As usual the entries are in the PFRE still contest flickr group.

We have a great bunch if images from entrants around the world. As usual, there is much to be learned from studying these images reading the comments and seeing how the jury votes.

Feel free to join the contest Flickr group and comment on the photos. Don’t worry about influencing the jury the have assured me they can think for themselves.

We are now accepting entries for the video contest through June 22.

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3 Responses to “The June PFRE Photographer Of The Month Contest is Closed – Video Contest Open”

  • Great set of photos, but has Flickr become creative with EFIX data – or am I missing something? When toggling between show/hide EFIX data, what is presents is minute detail about the processing in which software, creator and copyright info. But totally absent is the most basic info – camera/lens combo, focal length of zoom lens and all exposure information.

  • Hey, what is the theme this month.. I seem to have lost the link to the list of monthly themes.

  • @Mel – The theme for June is large interior adjoined space. The themes are on the “contest” page that has link at the very top of the blog along the top which takes you here:

    @Larry – the reason the EXIF data is different between the different entries is that if the entry is sent to me as a 2000 pixel wide jpg I put it on Fickr as is, but some entrants send bigger jpgs so I “save for web” in Photoshop so all entries are the same size. “Save for web” strips off the original EXIF.

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