Listen To Fred Light Tell The Story Of Building His Real Estate Photography/Videography Business

June 10th, 2015

NashuaVideoTours400Many long time PFRE readers have read about Fred Light and his real estate video company Nashua Video Tours here before.  Fred is a pioneer in this business and is most well known for his video walk-throughs of real estate.

This 55-minute interview on the Digital Convergence Podcast is well worth listing to for anyone building a business in real estate photography or videography.

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11 Responses to “Listen To Fred Light Tell The Story Of Building His Real Estate Photography/Videography Business”

  • I’ve hired Fred a few times to do videos for my listings. His walk through videos are fantastic. Basically, he offers a top notch product at a reasonable price. He’s a true professional and he does a great job. I will definitely continue to call him whenever I need a video for one of my listings.

  • Always a big thank you to Fred Light and his willingness to share the ‘secrets’ of his success.

    We’ve learned so much from Fred, particularly in his approach to using what works for you and to not get caught up in all the malarkey surrounding real estate videos.

    “It’s not art… it all comes down to business.” Love it! Thanks again Fred.

  • My takeaways, like Fred and Lyndon says, “it’s business.” Show up, do what you say you’re going to do, do it well and the phone will ring.

  • I haven’t had time to listen to the interview yet but I don’t necessarily see art and business as mutually exclusive. I’m running a solid, profitable business based off what I consider art. In fact I have so many new clients seeking me out based on my work that I’m often turning people away. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

  • I’ve had several requests for the walk through videos and considering getting into it. My question is which stabilized gimbal is best and what are the options. I know there are a number of systems on the market and would like to hear the experiences from others.

  • When I was contemplating establishing a real estate photography business about 2.5 years ago, I called Fred and “caught him” while he was on one of his longer drives. He kindly took the time to essentially convey the same advice as in the podcast. I heeded his advice and modified it a bit to my market in the suburban Philadelphia area. I emulate Fred’s approach, have a similar albeit somewhat higher price structure and limit my assignments to three per day … occasionally acceding to a fourth. Of the top 5% of the realtors in my area, I work with about 20% of them and literally have to politely discourage most new business. Fred is absolutely correct: The realtors that “get it” … do … and those that don’t simply won’t. I do my best to act as my clients’ “ambassador” in the field, and it pays off. I rarely deviate from my standard “premium” packages that include stills, HD Video, presence on a YouTube channel and a dedicated website, each employing a WordPress template that I use over and over again and slightly “customize” for each client. Ninety-five percent of my business is the “premium” stills/video/website/YouTube package. Less than 5% is just stills, but I do it because it does occasionally help the client evolve to “premium practice” status. Fred is absolutely right, it may take some time, but the realtors that “get it” will find you, and I have also had the same experience with competitors becoming a good source for new “top” clients because they do not provide the level of service and professionalism. Fred is also absolutely correct about those realtors that “get it” do so primarily to enhance their branding and compete for and win new listings. One of my best clients (a small team) went from 35 listings in 2013 to 108 in 2014 and will do more this year. They actually requested a “formal endorsement” from me that I was more than happy to provide to them that they include in their listings presentation packages. I think they are exaggerating, but they and a few of my other top clients claim now they “never lose” when competing for a new listing by challenging the lister to compare their marketing package versus others. Congratulations, Fred … !!! … and my sincere thanks for your counsel.

  • Which stabilizer are you using and how long did it take you to lea n to use it. I’m looking at the new Ronin M. Any comments on it.

  • Greg: I have been using the DJI Ronin since it was introduced. I’ve actually worked with DJI’s Hong Kong based marketing department (as an old geek counsel) and proofed and corrected some of their website. Fred uses a MoVI (not sure what model … but they are the real “originals”). The Ronin has been spectacular. The good news is that it is built like a tank and comes in a case that probably is $400 to $500 alone and has a third party remote control unit. Neither is IMHO essential to the kind of work I do. The bad news is that the Ronin is more than 9 lbs … doesn’t sound like much but does provide a good “workout.” The new Ronin M is only 5 lbs, and I think that may be a real plus. I’ve heard some moderately poorer reviews (versus the Ronin), but I think it would be a good choice. In fact, I may pick one up at some juncture as a backup or replacement should it prove to be as good for my work as the Ronin.

  • Greg: Sorry not to have addressed your “learn to use” inquiry. From the first time I put the Ronin to use, it was fantastic … No learning curve whatsoever. Sure, a little practice has me doing certain things that I prefer, but it is very simple to use. The only (and most important) challenge is to be patient and make sure you get the gear perfectly balanced and record the settings. I generally employ two cameras for my shoots: One for stills and the other dedicated to video, but I do occasionally employ different cameras and/or lenses on the Ronin (all with matching quick release plates) and each combination needs to be perfectly balanced. I keep a “balance data sheet” with my gear always.

  • I use a canon 5d3 primarily with a D70 as backup. I plan on using the 5D3 for the video.

  • Fred and Ron
    Thanks for your input. I ordered a DJI Ronin M yesterday. Should be here next week. Any tips and tricks or other advice would be sincerely appreciated. I could really use some help on packages and pricing.


    My email is

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