Update On PFRE Coaching

June 3rd, 2015

CoachingJustin gave me some feedback on his experiences with the PFRE Coaching process recently:

I’m interested in learning and building up my knowledge base by picking the brains of a couple of your coaches. I’ve e-mailed one coach twice in the span of a couple of months and received no response either time. I believe that if you’re going to advertise yourself on this site, you should be available or if not, at least be able to communicate that information to prospective clients. Also, I’d like to see a way for clients to review coaches? That may help prospective clients decide who best meets their style.

I’d see a way to tell if coaches are currently accepting clients or not. That may require coaches to regularly update their page depending on their schedule, but if doable and not too onerous on them, that would be a nice feature.

As a result of Justin’s feedback I’ve talked to all the coaches and here are some of  the things I’ve done or am planning to do the following:

  1. Coaching feedback: I’ve enabled comments on the coaching page and encourage readers that have participated in coaching to give feedback on your coaching experience. I’d like to find a little widget I can put on each coaching entry that works like a FaceBook Like but I don’t have that yet.
  2. Communication with coaches: I’ve been talking to the coaches and apparently there have been some SPAM filtering problems that we are working on fixing. My goal for any kind of email communication is respond in 24 hours or less. Anyone that isn’t getting that level of response please let me know.
  3. Who is available and who isn’t: After talking with the coaches everyone is available. A couple of coaches that are just too busy have dropped out and are no longer on the page.

One-on-one face-to-face coaching: Many people want to tag along on a shoot or do some king of face-toface training and Michael Asgian is working on setting that kind of training up but you’ve got to go to San Diego to get it. More on this program when Michael gets it organized.

Feel free give us feedback on how coaching is working for you. In the future, we’ll probably be having some blog posts about particular coaches and their particular coaching programs.

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