10 Rules For Real Estate Photography Success

May 28th, 2015

ElonMuskElon Musk has been one of my hero’s for a while. I just started listening to the newly released biography on him by Ashlee Vance and the more I learn about Elon, the more he amazes me. He is the most driven person I’ve ever heard of. Learning about the details of his life and creating his businesses is giving me new appreciation of how important it is to have focus and drive.

Today I stumbled across this video summary that contains a list of what Musk thinks is important for success:

  1. Never give up
  2. Really like what you do
  3. Don’t listen to the #littleman
  4. Take a risk
  5. Do something important
  6. Focus on signal over noise
  7. Look for problem solvers
  8. Attract great people
  9. Have a great product
  10. Work super hard

These 10 rules all apply in one way or another to building a real estate photography business. Musks simple geeky style of explaining these adds a lot!

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10 Responses to “10 Rules For Real Estate Photography Success”

  • I think this could even apply to making dinner tonight!

  • If #2 is true the rest will follow. The important word is “really”.

  • some interesting points on that list, thank you for sharing

  • I love it after I shoot a room the realtor goes and starts straightening things. Oh! I guess you want me to re-shoot that now.

  • Billions of dollars in government subsidies don’t hurt either. Elon is one of those so-called self made billionaires that practices the art of socialism for the corporate world and dog eat dog supply side Capitalism for the rest of us.

  • @Everett – I think you don’t have your facts straight. Musk’s SpaceX is getting business from NASA because they can launch a vehicle to orbit a satellite or payload to ISS for 1/3 the cost of Boeing or General Dynamics or the Russians or the Chinese! Before SpaceX became successful the only way the US could get a person to ISS was via the Russians. Read the biography that I site in the post… it’s Musk and SpaceX that have got the US back into the Space. Now they are working on reusable rockets.

  • yeah! i’ll go with #2 #4 and #6! these are really important!

  • These tips also applies to any work life situations.
    Really like what you do and work super hard.

  • Larry, I respectfully draw your attention to a article published in the Los Angeles Times a day after your post about Mr. Musk. The article details over 4.9 Billion dollars in government subsides to his many enterprises. This does not include the various tax breaks from state and local governments that he enjoys. I wish we could all be so fortunate as to get mana from heaven via the tax payer. I have know doubt that Musk is a enterprising individual but the American people are unwittingly a partner in his yet to make a profit activities. The article also points out the dubious claims that are made about developing a affordable electric vehicle via his Tesla firm. So far, government money has gone to the production of electric automobiles that only the 1% can afford, (with price tags in the $80,000 to as high as $100,000 range). American and Japanese manufactures will no doubt come up with a more affordable electric car much sooner and without massive subsidies. Regardless, I stand by my statements that are backed up by the Times investigation. This is the way Crony Capitalism is practiced in our Brave New World.

  • @Everett, You got a detail wrong, the high side of a Tesla model S P85D is closer to $130,000 with all of the options. Tesla (which Elon didn’t found, but took over and booted the founders) did pay back the low interest loans he received from the Department of Energy. Paying off the DOE loan was a wizard PR move, now the debt is on the back of its angel investors and stockholders. Still no profit. Still very late with the equally expensive Model X. And, many automotive experts are unbelieving in a long range Model 3 compact at the price point publicized. Setting up shop in an area of the country with a cost of living index up at the top of the charts doesn’t seem like a very good move.
    SpaceX is not publicly traded for the reason that if it had to make its books public, there could be a big problem selling stock from the rumors I hear. I was doing reusable rockets successfully years ago with another company and know many people that have and still do work for SpaceX and I hear things. I have no idea how the solar company is doing and the battery factory project is making astonishing claims about jobs creation and profits. What is Nevada giving them? 1.6 billion dollars? Oh yes, I’m told that Elon is a such a huge micro manager that he personally interviews applicants for janitorial jobs. Profits are how the game is measured and Musk enterprises aren’t on the board yet.

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