Congratulations Anders Carlson – PFRE Photographer Of The Month May 2015

May 24th, 2015

2015MayAndersCarlsonCongratulations to Anders Carlson of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  The jury just finished voting on the entries and the competition this month was very close. The top four entrants were all within just a few points of each other.

This is Anders’ third win. He won in both May of 2012 and May of 2013, all three of his wins were with this same theme of “interor with a breathtaking view.” I think this theme is Anders’ specialty!

Here are the results of the jury voting:

  1. 20 pts, #29, Anders Carlson – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
  2. 17 pts, #18, Claudio Mollo – Rome, Italy
  3. 17 pts, #11, Scott Basile – San Diego, California
  4. 15 pts, #22, Matt Parvin – Southport, North Carolina
  5. 10 pts, #8, Whit Richardson – Durango, Colorado
  6. 7 pts, #17, Ling Ge – Aliso Viejo, California
  7. 5 pts, #26, Brett Gray – Brisbane, Australia
  8. 3 pts, 30, Brandon Cooper – Forty McMurray, Alberta

I will be identifying all the contestants in the contest in the Flickr group.

Here are Anders’ comments on creating his winning image:

I think this gets said every month, but it worth repeating. Thank you so much to Larry for the venue for us all to learn. In a recent post, you mentioned the you started this blog after googling how shoot a home and bring in the outside view. I ended up in your site with the same kind of search. I started posting in flickr photo sharing group and got hammered for all kinds flaws in my photos. But the feedback was invaluable. I bought Scotts book, kept posting photos, and started entering the contest. This site, this contest, the feedback on all of the photos in the contest, paired with Scott’s book are the resources I use to try to continue to improve. So once again, thank you so much Larry! Also a huge thank you to Scott for continuing to give such solid critiques. Good or bad, I always hope to get a comment from you. I was super exited to see you liked my image this month!

I’m absolutely thrilled to win. This is my favorite category. I really wanted this shot to be believable and the challenge for me was how to do that while pointing straight into the main light source. I’m using a canon 5dii, 17-40, and a funky mix of lights. I have a few YN580iiis, a few Nikon SB80s and a couple Elinchrom D-Lite 4s. I started shooting just as the sun started to hit the ground. This image is a blend of 4 shots. 2 ambient shots for the interior and 2 flashed shots to blend in the door, floor, lanai, windows and view. I have a hard time explaining so it might be easier for me to share the images.

Ambient 1 &2 below are with no fill lights. I’m not sure what caused that wall on the left to be so bright. It did a few lightroom adjustments, added a lot of contrast. and exported them to photoshop to blended with the others.

Flash 1 & 2 below are the flashed shots. In the first one I have four lights. 2 YNs near left and right bounced off the wall at almost full power, one YN bounced off the side wall far left at full power and one elinchrom half power bounced off the kitchen hood far right. This image was used to blend in some of the floor, the lanai, the details in the door and upper windows. For the final shot, I actually turned the 2 lights closest to me around, lowered them and pointed them straight into the door from the left and right. I do that sometimes to get a little more detail out of the door and window area. It ended up being a little much for this one, but there was a little more sun on the ocean and ground outside so I blended those parts in from the last shot.

Finally I merged the layers and did a little dodging and burning and cloned out the tractor in the distance. I think that’s it.


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16 Responses to “Congratulations Anders Carlson – PFRE Photographer Of The Month May 2015”

  • Lovely, lovely image. Top work Anders!

  • With all due respect there were much better images submitted. This image is good but far from perfect. I feel the jury is biased.

  • @ Jack … I believe there is a time and place for all things. This space is historically devoted to offer congratulations to the winner. You may not think that Anders’ shot deserved winning, and you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but you could’ve have expressed in many ways., including directly to Anders via his email. Stating your opinion in this space, at this time and in the manner in which you expressed it, showed a complete lack of civility and grace. Finally, speaking personally as a juror who takes these contests very seriously, I’m offended at your assertion of bias in the juror group.

    Anders, I regret that my comment had to start with that pre-amble! Nevertheless, congratulations on your win … a lovely image!

  • Jack:

    With all due respect I disagree. I think there were some really awesome images this month but I think Anders shot stood out above the crowd.

    I’d be really curious to know which image(s) you thought out performed it and why.

    Not trying to be confrontational but I’d love some more detail to support your bold opinion.

  • Congratulations Anders! Killer image, and view! Thank you for sharing the process.

    The judges have a tough job each month. I would disregard any negative remarks, especially from those with phony backlinks to their website.

  • Congratulations, Anders! A lovely shot. And a difficult one, too. Well done!

  • Congrats, Anders!

  • Ha! Kanye West arrives at PFRE!

    Anders, nice work, well deserved.

  • Kiler shot, Anders! Great job pulling that view. Also, thanks for showing the before’s.

  • Congrats Anders. Gorgeous image!

  • Thank you all for the nice comments! I forgot to give credit to the house. Its actually the same floor plan as the one I entered in 2012. Designed by Greg Warner of Walker Warner Architects. Check out their website if you have a chance. Some really inspiring homes and photos there.

  • I also feel the jury is biased. They keep rewarding truly stunning images. Congratulations Anders, and thanks for the BTS – it’s a beautiful photo.

  • Amazing photography for an amazing view! Congrats

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  • Anders!! Rocking it!! Congratulations on the win, your work is ALWAYS great!!



  • Stunning! Well done.

  • Shoot I was away from the computer all week, congrats Anders, flash+ambient blend FTW!

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