We’ve Made Some Improvements To The Enfuse Video Series

May 15th, 2015

EFREPnewadThis last week we’ve made a couple important improvements to the Enfuse For Real Estate Photography video series:

  1. Downloadable video files: When we launched the Enfuse video series we got some complaints that the video was streamable only and that at the time you couldn’t download the videos to your tablet or laptop so that if you were traveling somewhere with no internet access you couldn’t watch the video. We’ve fixed that now you can download each video.
  2. Download the whole series: As a variation of #1 we also have a link for subscribers to download the whole video series. This is a 1.4 Gig file that takes about 15 min to download on a 20 Mbit/sec broadband connection.
  3. Fixed the support contact page: If you’ve tried to use the support page that sends us an email before last week you didn’t get an answer it’s because the support page had a problem… we’ve fixed that now.

We still think that watching these videos with the iPlayerHD streaming that is built into the site is the most convenient way to view this video series. These new options just expand the viewing options a bit!

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One Response to “We’ve Made Some Improvements To The Enfuse Video Series”

  • Thank you for making the downloadable files, it sure makes it much easier to use! Now I can load them on my phone to watch.

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