Adobe: You Did A Sloppy Job Of Transitioning From Lightroom 5 To Lightroom CC

April 21st, 2015

LightroomCCToday was Lightroom 6/CC release day – I hope yours went better than mine! For a while today I felt like shouting at someone at Adobe.

My upgrade struggle:
I’ve had the $9.99 subscription to Creative Cloud installed on my iMac for about a year but never installed  the version of Lightroom that is distributed via Creative Cloud. Rather, I have been using a version of Lightroom 5 that I had before I got the Creative Cloud subscription. Mid-morning after watching Scott Kelby and RC hype the new version of Lightroom CC on the Lightroom Killer Tips broadcast I noticed that my Creative Cloud application had a version of Lightroom CC ready to install so I installed it. But it wouldn’t run. It just flashed the menu bar and didn’t come up. I thought the problem perhaps was perhaps because Lightroom 5 was still installed so I uninstalled Lightroom 5. Still didn’t work. After taking a long bike ride to cool off and think about what to do,  I decided to upgrade my Lightroom 5 to Lightroom 6. Soon as I installed the Lightroom 6 update Lightroom CC started to work. Huh!! And when it converted my 2015 Catalogue it left out the last few months… #$&! I’m finally running on Lightroom CC but I think Adobe did a really crappy job with their update process.

Be careful with your upgrade:
This is the first time in probably 20 years of using Adobe products I’ve had any problems upgrading. So be warned: If you haven’t made the transition, take is slow and don’t rush. Looking at the Adobe Lightroom Forum, I’m not the only one that had the problem I described above. Many folks on the forum are saying I updated, but it doesn’t run! I was apparently happening on Windows and Mac OSX.

The future of lightroom as a stand-alone product:
During Kelby’s Lightroom broadcast this morning, when someone asked him if this was going to be the last version of Lightroom that you could purchase just Lightroom without getting a Creative Cloud subscription, Scott’s reaction was interesting. He said, “well, the fact that only Lightroom CC supports mobile devices is an indicator… the future is mobile devices!” I think you can see Adobe’s desire to only have Creative Cloud applications. On their website just try to find how to upgrade to Lightroom 6. My prediction is this will be the last time you’ll be able to get a non-Creative Cloud version of Lightroom.

Once I cool off and quit swearing at Adobe I’ll cover some of the improvements. I think the speed improvement will be the biggest improvement. Laura Shoe’s video above covers the changes.

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24 Responses to “Adobe: You Did A Sloppy Job Of Transitioning From Lightroom 5 To Lightroom CC”

  • I had the same problem with windows 7 and I posted on the chat line on the Kelby show. I was told to sign off of Adobe Cloud and sign back on. It worked be it sure was stupid of Adobe. I think their minds were somewhere up in the clouds!

  • Same problem. Used Creative Cloud installer for LR CC 2015 and it just flashes. I cannot update LR5 like you did, it keep telling me to go to the Creative Cloud installer. Now what?

  • Chet, do you have an update available for your installer? I did for mine, and once I loaded that it seemed to solve my problem.

  • Scott Kelby is nuts. Trying to do serious work on a mobile device is painful. The display is too small, the cpu too limited and there’s never enough memory.

    Being an early adopter is always risky. I wait at least a week to see if others have problems before I make a leap with everyday production tools.

  • Just a hint for those struggling with the flashing up and immediate quitting issue after installing via the creative cloud app.
    I resolved my problem quickly and painlessly by signing out (under the cog and preferences) and signing back in.
    No uninstall required of LR5 and it has imported everything perfectly.

  • I agree with Jonas Haag there. No problem with installing LR CC when signing out and in again. I love the improved speed in this version!

  • Can anyone tell me if they’re 3rd party plug-ins transferred seamlessly to the CC Version?
    I currently have LR5 and yesterday took advantage of B&H’s $99 special for Adobe CC. I’ll receive the download license on Friday.

  • I guess I got lucky or they have already addressed the problem. My installation of Lightroom CC was flawless and I didn’t restart creative cloud.

  • I finally upgraded to CC from LR 5 and PS CS5, and it went smoothly. Perhaps only because this was my first CC install? Either way, I have heard that others had install issues and theirs was solved by signing out and back in.

  • Oh, on a related note… for those who want to tinker with presets, VSCO just released a freebie pack for LR:

  • Larry, there was definitely something not working right. I used the chat option to contact Adobe Tech Support and they said the relevant people were working on the issue. He suggested trying again in 3 to 4 hours. Later in the day, the upgrade option showed up and everything worked smoothlie

  • I didn’t have any problems either with the download. I definitely like the improved speed and many of the other new features. Julieanne Kost has a few videos on the new features that are worth watching as well. You can find them here:

  • Had the same problem Larry describes with one computer, after installing LR 6CC. I signed out of and back into Adobe Creative Cloud and LR 6 started to work fine. I always start a new catalog when starting to use each new version of Lightroom.

  • I didn’t see the update available, so I tweeted to @AdobeCare my problem, and within minutes I was told to sign out, then sign in. The transition was seamless. Catalog, and some plugins are still there (Smugmug, perfect 9, etc.) The only plugin missing is my Enfuse – but seriously I’ve had to reinstall that thing a few times even on LR5. The slideshow syncing to the music is pretty slick. 😉 Best of all??? The lens profile for my new Tamron 15-30mm is here… which was a really BIG deal.

  • I upgraded without any problems at all. Just for reference, I closed LR5, Opened Creative Cloud Installer, Installed LR CC, Opened LR CC and converted catalog, and everything is working and catalogs are available. All plug-ins seemed to transfer.

  • What is all the hype about Lightroom about?

    I use Bridge CC to select the images I want, then do 95% of my corrections in the same program, using presets to reduce work time by 70% over previous methods. I then inspect and do final adjustments in Photoshop. The whole routine works seamlessly, easily and I still have the original raw images to go back to should I ever need to.

    Explain to me why I should change?

  • I agree with Ken. How can you do serious work – on anything really – on a mobile device?

  • @Brian – If you are happy with Bridge go for it. This is not a Lightroom commercial. I did the post because most real estate photographers use Lightroom, that’s all.

  • @Brian- Basically I use the same workflow as you, I find it much easier than Lightroom. Although I do want to try out the new HDR feature of it. Maybe it will be the first I like.

  • This morning I got an X-rite reminder to calibrate my monitor which I do every month. then, I got a message that Lightroom had a upgrade which includes HDR and Panorama. I was so excited as I have to use 3rd party software to do HDR and my Photoshop CS-5 for panorama stitching. when I clicked upgrade, it took me to screen to sign up for the Adobe Cloud at $9.99 per month. the standalone Lightroom 6, was about $149.

    I have been avoiding the cloud, as I like having the software on my computer and not have to depend on internet or paying monthly for a service. but it looks like the Adobe CC is the only way to continue working with Lightroom upgrades.

    As a student in graphic design school, I’ve had nasty dealings with Adobe not letting me place my $2500 creative suite on both my MAC book pro and my home editing PC.

    I wish there was another alternative to Adobe and their pressuring photographers into paying a monthly usage fee. Adobe, has not been an enjoyable company to deal with.

  • I have used Photomatix Pro for ages, but now find that I can get a better (more accurate) image using Bridge on the “average” shot out of three- av, av +2, av-2.
    Reducing highlights to zero, increasing shadow to 100 brings outstanding results.

  • @Brian, many people use the same workflow with Bridge as you do. Adobe mentioned some time ago that Bridge was going on the back burner and was only going to get maintenance updates. I haven’t seen anything since then that has reversed that.

    Where Lightroom beats Bridge is where you also want an integrated catalog manager. I photograph much more than real estate and have tens of thousands of images to keep track of, so Lightroom is the more comprehensive software application for my needs. If your workflow works for what you do, stay with it. You’ll be faster than you would be trying to learn a new program. If you find yourself needing the extra functionality of Lightroom, that will be the time to take a closer look. BTW, Lightroom uses the same code base for photo editing as Bridge. You will have the same editing functionality with either one.

  • I played with the HDR a little last night. At first glance, it’s was a little unsophisticated, but if you watch the tutorial, the new DNG file it creates has a really long tonal range which can then be interpreted different ways in LR.

  • @Eric, the upgrade price for LR 6 is only $79. Adobe has definitely made it difficult to find the stand alone version though.
    As far as an alternative, I found one last night that might be of interest (and its free)
    Lightzone – (LightZone used to be a commercial product, but developer Fabio Riccardi recently made the program open source.)
    When Adobe stops producing a standalone version of LR and forces the cloud is when I will drop them altogether.

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