Announcing The New PFRE Flickr group In Spanish: Fotografía Inmobiliaria

April 20th, 2015

FotografiaInmobiliariaManu Luque, the translator of the What Real Estate Agents Need to Know about Photography e-book and Dave Calaveras, both real estate photographers in Spain, PFRE blog readers and members of the Flickr group felt the need to create a forum to talk about real estate photography in they own language. In Dave’s words:

You all know sometimes is hard to explain the know how about the lighting schemes and fusion techniques, etc. Now, try to do it in a foreign language like us, the Spanish and Latin American people.

That’s the motivation for the new FPRE Flickr group in Spanish language, called Fotografía Inmobiliaria. Of course, you all are very welcome. Bienvenidos!

I’ve also added at link to the Spanish flickr group along the right hand side bar under Flickr Links.


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One Response to “Announcing The New PFRE Flickr group In Spanish: Fotografía Inmobiliaria”

  • Thanks Larry for your support and kindness and hope all the spanish-latin community of PFRE enjoy the initiative and join us!

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