Interview With Brendan Schulman On The Importance Of Commenting On FAA Proposals

April 14th, 2015

BrendanSThis is an important interview of Brendan Schulman, New York UAV lawyer that occurred today. Brendon was the lawyer that represented Raphael Pirker in Pirker v FAA. Robert Scoble is interviewing Brendan and they talk about current laws that apply to both commercial UAV operation and non-commercial UAV operation. Unfortunately Robert shot it vertically with his smartphone but the content is excellent.

Brendon stresses the importance of everyone interested in UAV use in the US to comment on the current FAA proposed guidelines before comments close April 24, 2015.

Here are the proposed FAA guidelines and here is where you go to comment on the FAA proposed guidelines.

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One Response to “Interview With Brendan Schulman On The Importance Of Commenting On FAA Proposals”

  • Larry, what an excellent post. Takes a little more time to digest since the video is a bit difficult to watch and you need 20 minutes from start to finish. But what valuable information. I would really like to see a sub category of AUVs or AUSs for those under 5 lbs which are currently lumped in with all the larger drones and would have the same requirements when these should have regs that are realistic for them. In fact I just saw a product that would make all the small AUVs much less likely to crash by avoiding all obstacles with a sonar based system from Panoptes eBumper (that is if you allow links to the outside).

    This is to me even more important than protecting the AUV; it addresses safety which seems to be the driving force of the FAA.

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