As Of This Post A Website URL Is Required To Comment

April 7th, 2015

anonymousCristi, my WordPress mechanic just finished implementing the feature on the PFRE blog that requires commenters to enter a URL and an e-mail and a website address (URL) when commenting.

If you don’t enter the URL it won’t accept you comment. This new feature is a result of the discussion we had a couple of days ago on this subject.

I suggest that if you don’t have a website and want to comment that you just take a few minutes and go create a free flickr account. To create a flickr account you will need either a Yahoo account or gmail account. All very easy to do.

Other locations where you can create free websites are:

  5. Or go to this site for more suggestions

If you want a great looking site for not much work and only $96/year I recommend Requires no special skills to setup and has good performance and reliability.

There’s really no excuse for not having a website where you can promote your work!

Update Apr 8: Sure you can use fake email addresses and fake URLs to varying degrees so sure if you are obsessed with being anonymous you can still be anonymous very easily… have fun!

One other thing:  You need to put “http://” on the front of the URL or it won’t accept the comment.

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12 Responses to “As Of This Post A Website URL Is Required To Comment”

  • I just try your update with my latest website, that I created about a year ago.

  • Just returned from a trip to Europe, so missed the whole discussion about the pros and cons here. Suffice to say that I totally get where how you got here, and since I have a website, no worries for me.

    I will say, though, that being an “old” guy, I would trade my website in a heartbeat for a deep understanding of social media — instagram, pinterest, Facebook, vine, twitter, etc. These tools are really the wave of the future — I fear that any realtor under the age of 25 (aka your future top producers) won’t touch a website beyond MLS 10 years from now.

  • @Tyler, “Social Media” is an industry that funds it’s operations by collecting data that you share about yourself and things that you upload and sells it to interested customers. It’s no replacement for having your own website where you control all aspects of your presentation and retain control how your photos are used.

    Regular people typically don’t have access to the MLS. Specialized websites such as Trulia and Zillow will continue to be strong players in the real estate market as their focus is strictly real estate.

  • @Ken – In today’s world, you are absolutely right. But 5 years from now? Just worked on a study at my other career in consumer goods. 75% of our customers under 25 had NEVER been to our company website. But 90% of those folks had either followed us or researched us on the Big Five (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube). Even commerce is moving — my “neighbor” (next to my studio) owns a consignment shop. She used to do a booming eBay business, but has since moved 100% of her commerce work to INSTAGRAM! She takes a cell phone picture of an item, posts it, and if a customer “likes” it they move to email, complete the transaction through paypal, and she ships. Best part — no fees!

  • If I have to believe Trulia and Zillow are at the moment negotiating with local MLS and local brokers for their listings, because as of April 7, 2015 they have no access to the listed info.

  • Does this really deter anonymity, Larry?

  • @NotARealName – No absolutely, you can still be anonymous if you like. The point is encourage discussions among credible participants. I will not hesitate to delete comments if people choose to be trolls.

  • @NotARealName

    Let’s make sure we all understand — you’ve come to a blog you don’t own, whose owner has politely, and specifically, requested that everyone commenting sack up and do so under a real name, and the readership of that blog has overwhelmingly endorsed the idea…and your first thought is to A) find a way to subvert that plan, and B) visit said blog and brag about it?

    Have I got that right?

    I bet they’re proud of you back home….

  • Troll wants to play?

    Okay, easy enough to start blocking ip addresses for all your devices.

  • @Scott -Sack up. Priceless.

    For those seeking a website, check out Several of my builders are using it with great success, and are recommending it. Seems pretty straightforward, and it looks like its here to stay. You can simply maintain a presence here too, much like many do with Facebook.

  • There are 2 kinds of WordPress. The .com is simple and free and the .org has many options you are able to implement yourself via de wp-admin backdoor. WordPress system is very easy to work and do it yourself. Check the guys on You can register there and host with them too. They help you setup with wordpress domain and emails.
    I am 78 and able to build and if I can do it, you all can.

  • @Scott Please don’t be offended. My point was unemotional and concise (unlike a troll). I have zero intent to cause harm, only a vigilante pointing out that this won’t deter trolls and perhaps might even encourage them to act under someone else’s name.

    @Dean Virtual Private Networking. Google it 😉

    Ultimately, Larry said he will remove inappropriate comments, which is really the only solution that webmasters have at their disposal. At least for him it’s not that time consuming.

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