What Are Your Favorite Photography SmartPhone Apps?

March 15th, 2015

AppsTom recently posed the following question:

I just ordered an iPhone 6. This is my first Apple phone. I have always been an Android user. I searched for useful apps and found some dated recommendations that may or may not still be valid. These apps tend to change frequently, so I thought this may be a timely post to get a current list. What are the best apps currently available for photography, paid or free?

Great question. There are a bunch of Apps out there and it would be useful to have a crowd-sourced list of Apps that are useful for real estate photographers. I’ll start with my list and add to it as others come up with suggestions. Here’s my list:


  1. Simple DoF calculator:
  2. Adobe LR
  3. DOFmaster
  4. TPE
  5. Lightrac
  6. Pocket Lightmeter
  7. Canon EOS Remote App
  8. Nikon Wireless Mobility utility
  9. Nikon Manual Viewer 2
  10. Accuweather
  11. Waze
  12. Voxer
  13. Sun Surveyor
  14. Sun Scout
  15. CamRanger
  16. Square Register


  1. DoF Calc – There are over 30 DoF Calculators for Android what’s your favorite?
  2. Adobe LR
  3. DOFmaster
  4. TPE
  5. Lightrac
  6. Pocket Lightmeter
  7. EOS Remote App
  8. Wireless Mobility utility
  9. Nikon Manual Viewer 2
  10. Sunseeker
  11. Accuweather
  12. Waze
  13. Voxer
  14. Sun Surveyor
  15. Geotag Photo Lite
  16. CamRanger
  17. Square Register
  18. Release Lackey

What Apps do you recommend?

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10 Responses to “What Are Your Favorite Photography SmartPhone Apps?”

  • For RE, about the only app I use regularly on my Blu (Android) phone is DoF Calc. I use TPE on my desktop when I am working with a client to set up an appointment time but have never even wished once that I had it on site.

    I use Geotag Photo lite to log locations when I am shooting landscape and projects and I haven’t settled on a sun tracker (horizon-type) for a quick read on where the sun is going and if it’s worth hanging around for better light at a particular location, but I’ll probably pick one and pony up the $5 before my next big photo outing.

    It can be very easy to get mired in fiddling too much with phone apps while on a shoot rather than just engaging the even better computer between the ears and making images. For me to load an app on my phone, it needs to fill a very real need for me. I’d rather do all of the prep work I can on my desktop with two nice big calibrated monitors than to squint my dry red eyes at a tiny little screen.

    LR? The phone would probably melt if the battery doesn’t go flat first and I’m much happier using my laptop than a tablet.

  • I would like to add “Sunseeker” for Android / “Sun scout” for IOS.

  • I highly recommend taking a look at Sun Surveyor. It’s a great tool for tracking sun and shadow positions with many bonus features.

  • Using IOS I have found Sun Seeker to be very useful in determining best time to shoot exteriors. I use Cam Ranger for controlling PAP shots. I use DOFmaster occasionally for bird photography

  • Another vote for Sun Surveyor. I also use the EOS app, it needs some updating and more functionality, but it works..

  • I recommend Accuweather since it’s the least wrong predicting weather in my area. Weather is weather and nothing is perfect. I’ve learned to look at the UV index to find the predicted % of cloud cover. Partly Sunny and Partly Cloudy are the same thing, just said a different way to make you not feel so much like it’s the same thing.

    I also recommend Waze as a GPS app since it routes you around traffic and road closures. Some areas (dense urban areas) work much better than others (sparse rural areas). If you have agents that also have the app and you’re connected they can just tap the screen and your GPS knows right where to go. How often have you been told one address and they’re sitting at a house waiting for you at a totally different address.

    I also have Voxer to keep in contact with my wife. It also has a Note To Self feature that I use a lot.

  • I’ve personally used Sun Surveyor to plan numerous shoots, and clients tend to be impressed when I tell them exactly when the sun will reach the front of a house. Although if I’m in front of my computer when planning a shoot time, it’s easier to just go to the SunCalc website.

    Square Register is on my phone in the few instances when a client wants to pay with cc vs check.

    I also have Release Lackey on my phone for the few occasions when I work outside of RE photography and need either a model or property release handy.

  • Sun Surveyor is available for iOS and Android. I noticed the crowd-sourced list currently only has it listed under iOS.

  • Most of the iOS Apps are optimized for iPhone 5. Do we know if they are compatible with iPhone 6 or 6plus ?

  • The only one that I really get much use out of is DslrDashboard, which I use mostly for wireless pole shooting (works great for my Nikons, can’t speak for Canon), although it has been useful in other unique situations, whether wireless or tethered. It is only available for Android, and I never found anything comparable for my iPhone. I had all kinds of DOF calculators and other photo specific apps on my iPhone, but honestly never actually used them, so I never bothered seeking comparable apps for Android. I will say that Android does seem to have much more to choose from when it comes to apps, almost too much. I’ve played with sun apps, but frankly they didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know or could figure out by looking at a sat image, so I abandoned that idea.

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