Property Video Noir – by Brett Clements and Jo Erskine

March 6th, 2015

FilmNoirToday I got a short cryptic email from Brett Clements along with a link to this YouTube video that he’d just uploaded. It took me a while to understand what Brett is up to.

Turns out the first video was just a trailer. A longer narrated video that has the whole story of the property that’s being sold (24 Paradise Island) is also on the PlatinumHD Facebook page.

The 24 Paradise Island property is being sold by Jo Erskine, the well known Australian filmmaker and artist who has owned the property for 25 years. During that time 24 Paradise Island has been a popular Gold Coast hangout for artists and poets. Brett and Jo collaborated to create this new style of property video drawing inspiration from film noir. I think Jo and Brett have come up with a very inspiring piece to promote the sale of this well known property. Great work!

Jo and Brett have inspired me, I’m off to stream some Bogy-Bacall film noir. I’m thinking the Big Sleep from 1946.

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5 Responses to “Property Video Noir – by Brett Clements and Jo Erskine”

  • A very interesting and tactical approach to selling this property. In reality the property looks rather tatty and would never stand up to a typical photo / video shoot. A great presentation to create interest, if over the top.

  • Very interesting. Like art the story could or will make the property worth more than with out the story.

  • “Rather tatty” Ron’s descriptor. Yes, as a piece of real estate, this one looks worn. But the value here is more than the walls. It’s what’s in the walls. Like marketing a Hemingway home, people will undoubtably pay more. At least that’s the message the video portrays. I love it.

  • Interesting, stylish and apparently focused on selling the mystique of the house, and in that it apparently succeeded because I haven’t got even the foggiest idea of what the house itself is like. Oh wait. Yes I do. It contains, records, dice, and apparently comes with a hot blonde that will recline between loosely flung sheets, upon request. If I’m to be honest, artistic appeal aside, it looks like a dump, albeit a dump with some cool vibe. This might work if there’s a fan out there who finds the idea of it’s current owner itself appealing, but if it was the home of nobody in particular, it would look like a wreck of a home with low-rent tenants. That said, what this video does do, is bring home the fact that the creative possibilities in this field are boundless and for this reason, the film serves as inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  • That’s kind of the point of this thread, the house does appear to be rundown, but there’s a buyer out there for everything and this video could be a great tool for going online and finding them.

    It will be interesting to see how effective it is, but this looks like a great tool to enhance the process of connecting buyer and seller online.

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