Announcing The Enfuse For Real Estate Photography Video Series

March 1st, 2015

EnfuseAnnouncementSimon Maxwell and I are pleased to announce the release of Simon’s new video series entitled Enfuse For Real Estate Photography. Click here or on the image to the right to watch Simon’s introduction to the video series.

We have created a new website ( just for the purpose of delivering this streaming video series.  So there’s no downloading of large video files or DVDs to bother with. Just watch the videos (hosted by on any device you have, streamed directly from the website. The videos work nicely on SmartPhones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops with large screens.

This video series consists of essentially a video version of Simon’s e-book. Here is a Table of Contents of the video series. The fact is many people learn better from a video tutorial presentation than from a book format and I think you’ll agree that Simon is very accomplished at presenting material in a tutorial format.

To subscribe to this series go to the promo page here on PFRE or directly to the subscribe page on


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25 Responses to “Announcing The Enfuse For Real Estate Photography Video Series”

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  • I have been fortunate enough to preview this series of lessons and they are great.
    Well worth the investment for those that want a fast track to accomplishing great work in a efficient time saving work flow. As one who has put thousands of images through the enfuse process, I can tell you that I wish these lessons were around a few years ago to save me all the time and effort it took to learn the tips and tricks to produce great images.

    Take a look, it is worth the effort.

  • How much? The site doesn’t seem to indicate that anywhere?

  • Wow, keen to have, congrats Simon and Larry! Looks Awesome!!

  • I already own the print version, is there a discount to purchase the video series?

  • Charles,
    When you go to the website and click subscribe it takes you to Paypal. The cost, $125.00.

  • Do you know if there is a discount offered to anyone who has already purchased the ebook version?
    Charles, it cost $125 for the video series.

  • Looks like $125 US

  • @Cheryl – No, there is no discount for people that have previously purchased the book. I understand the rational for asking or wanting that but it would be a logistical record keeping nightmare for me to try to do that. These products are separate.

  • Given that LR6 is rumoured to be released in a week’s time and that it’s also rumoured to include an HDR Merge feature (see, I wonder whether I should just sit back and wait.

  • To push enfuse and not mention Exposure Fusion is a Joke. We have been using Exposure Fusion for years with Super Results. It’s either Multiple Flash, Canon, Hargis, Enfuse, etc. None of the basics needed to assist a newbie…

    Just my 2 cents worth. Old Tom…

  • I can tell you that after reading/studying Simon Maxwell’s eBook my method of shooting interiors has changed dramatically not to mention a speedier post production with higher quality images. One of the best investments you could make in your business. Thank You Simon and Larry.

  • Dave : thanks for the heads up re Lightroom 6 HDR merge feature. As far as I know, this process cannot be applied to stacks of images for multiple ie batch processing, which is something Enfuse achieves admirably, a key part of the process covered in both our book and video : while no doubt useful for the odd problem image, it’s going to make processing a complete shoot a very time consuming affair: running any HDR blending software is memory-intensive and there would be a lot of sitting around. With batch processing at least you can set 30 blends to run and get on with other things while it crunches the zeros and ones in the background. I have used the existing merge to HDR pro feature currently available in Lightroom 5 which processes the 32 bit file via photoshop and then reimports to LR. If you like many have the current CC package which licences Lightroom and Photoshop as one unit, you could be using this now. It’s pretty good, but again painfully slow if you want to process a whole shoot. I generally give new versions of Lightroom at least six months to iron out glitches and bugs before moving my main catalogue over to them, and to enable third party plug in providers to update their scripts as necessary. Our Enfuse for LR course is as much about creating a streamlined workflow, aimed at reducing shoot processing times to something workable for RE photographers as it is about getting good results. The course is full of information about working with Lightroom effectively to really speed things up and much of those fundamental features will be no different in the new version of Lightroom.

  • @Tom Z: that is really great to hear: just what we were hoping people will bring away from the course: thanks for commenting!

  • Simon, just finished the course. You did a great job explaining Exposure Fusion. I have tried it before and wasn’t to impressed. This video series has really helped. Looking forward to implementing this into my workflow.
    Thanks. Conrad

  • @Tom Everitt – Enfuse and Exposure Fusion are the same thing. In Simon’s book and the video series we chose to use the word Enfuse primarily because that is the language that the author of the LR/Enfuse plugin uses. Many people also use the term “blending” when referring to Enfuse and Exposure Fusion. They are all the same thing and are different from HDR.

  • Thank You for responding, I love Exposure Fusion, I stand corrected, I made the mistake, I have new knowledge.

  • About 3 months ago, I purchased the ebook and made a commitment to try 25 shoots using enfuse. I have done 12, and am very excited by the opportunities it opens up.

    Oddly enough, I sat down last night at 11:00 EST to open the ebook up and do some reviewing, and noticed Larry’s email introducing this series. Incredibly timely, and so far, seems worth the money. Like Scott Hargis’s Lighting interior series, the video presentation seems much more intuitive. Simon’s presentation is smooth, easy to follow, and concise.

    Highly recommended!

  • Just bought the ebook in January. Would be nice if there was a discount on the video for ebook purchasers.

    So far, my results are fair. Sticking to lighting and blending for the most part.

  • Simon, thanks for that. It’s very likely that I’ll subscribe because I’m not really happy with the results I’m getting from getting the inside and outside mix right and I haven’t been able to achieve that in HDR and Enfuse yet so I’m expecting big things. It’s just that the rumours are just that and I’d like to wait and see regarding two things: 1. how HDR’s implemented in LR6 (and whether it will also encompass Enfuse, whether the results are great especially with interiors, whether it does batch processing, and how quickly it does it) and 2. whether, and how quickly, your videos will be updated to apply to any changes in workflow within LR6.

  • Do you know if there is an issue with the website that these videos are running on? I have not been pleased with the video though the limited content that I am able to see/hear is appealing. I thought it could be my laptop but went to several other sites that I view video on regularly and am having not issues?

  • Frankly, I can’t stand watching videos online; I’d rather download the files, then I can watch anywhere, offline, and not have to deal with buffering or be at the mercy of the site’s technical issues, etc. It would be good to have that option.

  • @Casey – Thanks for your opinion. But that’s not an option with this video series. We are using video hosting and they have extremely good quality on all devices… this is not a new approach.. Scott Hargis has been using iPlayerHD for his video series for several years and never had any issues. Downloading Gigabytes or mailing DVDs is a very old fashion way of doing business and it does not allow for the easy flexibility of adding and updating the product over time. Also, one of the most popular and successful training sites on the planet uses this technique for the same reasons.

  • @Gary – I’ve checked out the video on Laptop, 27″ desktop, iPhone, and iPad and the video is working just fine. Please email me some more specifics regarding the problems you are having.

  • UPDATE: It appears that the issue that I had with the video was on my end . So sorry for any confusion and thanks Larry for your help.

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