Checkout Scott Kelby’s New Lightroom Show Podcast

February 26th, 2015

TheLightroomShowIn case you missed it, Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion started a new podcast called The Lightroom Show. This is a once a week podcast that covers all aspects of Lightroom.

If you’re not familiar with podcasts, they are great, just download a podcast App on your smartphone or tablet, use the app to subscribe to podcast via iTunes or other podcast aggregator then the podcast is automatically downloaded to your device each week. Then you can listen/watch to the podcast anytime you like. Some podcasts are video and some are just audio. The Lightroom show is video so you get more out of it when you can watch the video too, but it works just listening too.

Scott Kelby is the author of the number one best selling book on Lightroom (Lightroom Book for digital photographers) so very likely this is going to be some of the best information and tips on Lightroom you are going to find anywhere.

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2 Responses to “Checkout Scott Kelby’s New Lightroom Show Podcast”

  • I had left a comment on TheGrid asking would they cover Real Estate.
    I got an email saying they would consider it.
    Looks like they did.

  • Watched the first two episodes, and it’s really well done with some nice nuggets of information.
    Good job, Scott and RC!

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