The Photographers Ephemeris Updated to 3.0

February 19th, 2015

TPE30For those of you that don’t use TPE (The Photographers Ephemeris, $8.99 by Crookneck Consulting) or a similar application or website to plan your exterior shoots, Simon Maxwell’s video tutorial from a couple of years ago explains how and why you’d want a application like this for exterior architectural or real estate shots. For planning twilight shoots an app like this is essential to being at the site at the right time so you can setup and be ready to shot at the right time.

TPE has release a new version 3.0 for IOS. It’s also available on Android and the web version is free.

The other mobile app that is similar to TPE is LightTrac ($4.99 by Rivolu).


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4 Responses to “The Photographers Ephemeris Updated to 3.0”

  • Wow! 25 years! Wonder what Photoshop will be like in another 25?

  • The Photographers Ephemeris app is amazing. I just linked to the Website today. It will be an important tool for scheduling my exteriors. Thanks for passing on the information.

  • Many thank to Simon Maxwell for showing off this app on a tutorial video. It’s a great tool for figuring out the best time of day to shoot exteriors and properties with large view windows. I use a combination of TPE and Google Maps/Earth/Street View for nearly every RE job. Customers are impressed when we are working out an appointment time for a property and I tell them I am looking at where the sun is going to be on particular day and hour to be sure that we get the best exterior photos. It’s a simple thing to do that shows how much attention to detail you put into your work.

  • very nice app thanks for sharing!!

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