Google Earth Pro Was $399 – Now Its Free

February 5th, 2015

GoogleEarthProIn the past we’ve talked about how Google Earth Pro lets you create fly-ins to a particular address and is great for intros to property videos and tours. Jim & Connie Barnes and Fred Light have put Google Earth Pro to great use in their videos for years. This is an awesome way to fly-in on a property without any of the risks of using a UAV.

As discussed in previous posts, Google Earth Pro was well worth the cost when it was $399 but as of just a few days ago Google Earth Pro is free.

Both the above video and this article over at explain how to get Google Earth for free.

Thanks to Tony Boros for pointing this out!

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11 Responses to “Google Earth Pro Was $399 – Now Its Free”

  • Thank you. I love this site!

  • Before I wade through the lengthy T&C’s on that Google link, has anyone else done so and can advise? Ie. can one legally use a recording of a Google Earth fly-in, in a video one is selling to a client?
    Google: ‘…you must not: (a) copy, translate, modify, or make derivative works of the Content or any part thereof; (b) redistribute, sublicense, rent, publish, sell, assign, lease, market, transfer, or otherwise make the Products or Content available to third parties…’
    I’m no expert, so maybe using clearly-marked as Google fly-ins is OK and the above statement doesn’t apply to this..?

  • I was just trying Google Earth Pro last night as I am thinking of using it for property intros. I have seen another photographer using it and thought it would be a nice add on.

    @Charlie Round-Turner good question. I have not read through the T&Cs myself and also would be curious to know.

  • Here is the link to Google Earth Pro…

  • Also, You need to use your email address and the code GEPFREE to activate.

  • I would love to know if pro means you can sell it – sort of like YouTube Pro, Vimeo Pro, Animoto Pro, etc. Can’t get any answers direct from Google other than read our t&c. RTV has been using this service for their dealers and selling the service at about $25 per tour for at least a year and maybe more, so I believe that their must be some type of business model from Google for selling the service. I would love to know the facts because I am interested in putting it into my commercial videos.


  • Here is an idea I have thought of.
    1. Make sure the client has a google account that includes google earth pro.
    2. Make a google earth pro drill down video using their account
    3. Add this video to your tour, etc. and charge $25-$100 (or whatever you plan to charge) for this service of integrating it.

    This gets around the fact that you are not charging for the actual google earth video, but rather for the service of adding it to the work you are selling. The client has not paid you for google earth but rather programming!

    Another way to do it is to again use their google earth account to create the video and place it in the tour. Raise the price of the tour and add the video. It is no different than having someone provide you with extra stills or video that someone else took and the client has the permission to use those images in your tour.

    Any opinions on these two ideas?

  • @Suzanne F. its possible it could work but it is not bullet proof. I think one could still get sued. I doubt it would come to that and instead Google would probably send out a cease and desist notice if their intent was to no let users incorporate it into their videos. If Google wanted to make an example of someone then a lawsuit is not out of the question.

    Seems to me that Google should want to allow Google Earth Pro to be used in videos especially since most of them end up on Youtube anyways which Google makes money off of.

  • This page shows you how to make a “tour” including voice over.

    This page shows you how to embed it into your website and that you will need Google Earth API installed before you can finish it.

    This page says that Google Earth API has been discontinued as of Dec 2014 and any tours out there will stop working as of Dec 2015.

    And this page from Google tells you why they discontinued it.

  • I cant stand the property videos with the Google fly in shots. Very cheesy. I have noticed that usually the videos that have it spend too much time zooming in from outer space.

  • I had a look at this but found the necessity to add the “Google Update Service” software (which is not mentioned until activation time) problematic. It essentially runs full time in the background, regardless of whether you are using Google Software or not, and has pretty much free range access to your activities. Not quite yet willing to give up my privacy for this “free” product.

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