Congratulations Charlie Dresen – Steamboat Springs, CO – January PFRE Videographer Of The Month

February 1st, 2015

CharlieDresenCongratulations Charlie Dresen – Steamboat, CO, PFRE Videographer Of The Month For January 2015.

I’ve linked the videos to the numbers below but if you want learn something about property video be sure to read the read the comments by the jurors in the Videography contest forum. Thanks to the jurors that took the time to make all the comments on the videos in the contest forum!

I think it is worth pointing out that both the still contest the video contest this month was won by Realtors. This is a great example that there are some Realtors out there that do top-notch work.

Here are the points awarded by the jurors:

  1. 214 pts, #3, Charlie Dresen – Steamboat, CO
  2. 176 pts, #2Jacob McNeil & Jaimie McNeil – BC, Canada
  3. 150 pts, #7Brian Kellogg – Sacramento, CA
  4. 149 pts, #5Andre Francois Mckenzie – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  5. 140 pts, #4Brandon Cooper – Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
  6. 138 pts, #9, Steve Loos – Hollister, CA
  7. 115 pts, #1Vic DeVore – Clermont, Florida
  8. 102 pts, #6Kelvin Hammond – Billings, Montana
  9. 101 pts, #8Tom Zaczyk – Littleton, CO

Here are Charlie’s comments about his video:

As a realtor, I always like to talk to the sellers about their home and find out what aspects of the home they like the most. Prior to shooting, I emailed the sellers and told them to think about what it is they like about living there. I shot the interview first and it became apparent that location was top of their list. So I ended up editing the video as prioritized by the sellers. Literally, as we talked in the interview, they told the story about their home. So I just took that story and laid it down in the video.

I always talk about “telling a story.” This is often a challenge especially if you can’t talk to the sellers and you don’t know much about the property. But this can also gives video makers artistic license to make one up. What is it about the property that makes it special and who might buy it? Whatever you deem appealing, well that needs to be the focus of the video. Number two this month, Jacob and Jaimie of PlatinumHD did a great job of this. The views and lifestyle of the location was what set their property apart. They opened with the panoramic views and used a lot of location lifestyle shots to really show off the best of that property. And when you do this, I feel it makes the editing so much easier.

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9 Responses to “Congratulations Charlie Dresen – Steamboat Springs, CO – January PFRE Videographer Of The Month”

  • Congrats Charlie! Great work. You’re always the innovator. It’s nice to see you take the win.

  • Charlie, great job your video was spot on, and you deserved the high honors. you inspire me to do more creative work

  • Congrats, Charlie. Well deserved!

  • Great job everyone and congrats Charlie.

    What video editing suite do you use Charlie?


  • Congrats Charlie! Great job and definitely well earned. Hey, at least you won SOMETHING yesterday, right? 🙂 What a game!

  • Nice one Charlie. A most worthy winner and about time. I always look forward to seeing your films and steal your ideas / techniques shamelessly!

  • Great job Charlie, always enjoy watching your videos. Oh, and many congratulations on your well deserved win

  • Thanks for the comments and support. I love this group and love seeing the changes as we all evolve in our craft.
    @ Paul – I use Final Cup Pro 7. An older program but it continues to work flawlessly for me.
    @ Mike – You’re mean. I was close to de-friending you on Facebook last night ; ) I’m still heart broken.
    @ Hamish – Have at it. Stealing ideas is just a compliment for me.

  • Charlie – this is fantastic!! Very impressive. I would LOVE to know two things if possible: what kind of stabilizer do you use? and what do you do for color correction? THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS. Great storytelling.

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