What’s Going On At OnOne Software?

January 20th, 2015

PerfectSuite9A few weeks ago Eric said:

I recently purchased perfect photo suite 9 (mostly for fine art B&W and re sizing for enlargements). They have special masking and layers programs built into this suite.

Do you know if anyone used this program instead of PS for sky replacement and layers. I’d like anyone’s feedback if they are using any version of Perfect photo suite. the online tutorial for sky replacement looked easy, but haven’t had success with it. I was just wondering if our fellow real estate photographers knew about this suite?

…I am not a big fan of Adobe as they are a terrible monopolizing company that has been horrible to deal with.

I know about and have started to use OnOne Software’s Perfect Suite 9. I’ve been using it off and on since I first heard about it at Matt Kloskowski’s Lightroom workshop back in 2013. At first I just thought about it as a plug-in for Lightroom, but with version 9 the browser is amazingly faster than Lightroom for many tasks like browsing through photos and selecting the good from the bad. The masking and layering is very nice, although on masking more challenging skies I’m still faster in Photoshop. I’m finding that the more I use Perfect Suite 9 the more I like it. What is amazing is the speed that OnOne is improving Perfect Suite! Two things in particular got my attention:

  1. Matt Kloskowski is now apparently working full time at OnOne. Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion have taken over Matt’s blog.
  2. As a Perfect Suite 9 user, I got a survey that wanted to know what I thought of a whole list of features they are considering adding to Perfect Suite. If they do the stuff on the list I wouldn’t need Lightroom or Photoshop anymore. I think that’s what they have in mind!

Bottom line is that there are many things I’ve done in Photoshop for so long it’s hard to imagine doing it any other way. I’m a very old dog (especially when it comes to PS and LR) but I’m learning new ways to do things. There’s a lot of things I still find awkward about Perfect Suite 9 but there are also a lot of things that are amazing. I think this suite will evolve rapidly.

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15 Responses to “What’s Going On At OnOne Software?”

  • This is interesting info. When Photoshop went to the cloud I think we all sat back on our heels hoping someone else out there would be smart enough to step up and produce a really cool editing software that wasn’t hog-tied to the internet and a monthly fee. Will be watching for more news. Thanks.

  • I have been using PPS for a couple of years now and pretty much only use LR for lens distortion correction. Once you learn the masking it is an order of magnitude simpler than any other masking tool in the business. And the other tools are top notch as well.

  • Sorry forgot the website. Head slap.

  • Larry, thanks for posting this.
    I’d like to see if and how our fellow photographers are using this, especially for sky replacement and perhaps detail in the windows. I especially wanted to know how you guys living in the beautiful North West handle the overcast days you have.
    Here in Florida, I get frustrated when an agent cancels a shoot because the sun is a little hazy.

  • I have been using onone ver.8 for about a year, and use it for all my sky replacements. I never was good at photoshop, and this makes it so easy to do.


  • Literally watched the tutorial last night. I have tried one home, and one headshot. Masking the headshot was a piece of cake — the home was tougher to refine the edges. Still, I could see where I was going wrong, so I am hopeful this can speed things up. I bought this during a sale on a lark, but find myself using it constantly.

    If you do any headshot work, perfect portrait is unreal. Twice as fast as photoshop.

  • Has PP been quicker to supply support for new camera raw files than Adobe?

  • We have been involved with OnOne since its inception as a beta tester for its first version and have been upgraded every time a new version has come out. We originally used the product for its resize module – it did the best at enlarging pixels. We then used it for masking – sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t – it really depends on the foreground image. Even in the most current version, if you work it too much (switching between brushes and retouching and then chiseling), damage occurs to the pixels. Their videos regarding the masking are incredible – the bride’s veil, the boat scene at the marina, etc. However, I find the reality not so cool. But that being said – we use it whenever we can as it is infinitely easier than replacing sky in photoshop and its worth the effort to try before switching to photoshop. I love that Matt K. is now involved with OnOne. I love the layers and effects, etc. so we use those as well – but …..
    My all time favorite for fixing images, turning on lights that are off, and overall pixel integrity is NIK.

  • For portraits – we use portrait professional – especially if you have more than one image of a person. It is a little more difficult than the OnOne portrait module, but the results are much better. Again, with the onOne module, if you work the pixels too much, you can end up with some damaged pixels.

  • I have used On One Perfect Suites 7.5 and haven’t up dated to the newer version, but should. Go to my website, and go to Gallery and select Commercial properties and see “Rayethon”. Notice the images of the property and buildings are near shadowless. This is because it was a totally overcast day. Every sky in every image was replaced. Also see the sky in the image of Dillards Department store and Marriott Hotel. These are more sky replacements. The hardest part of course in around the trees. I didn’t notice at the time but look at the trees to the left of the word “Dillards”. There are a few minor errors I didn’t take the time to correct, but overall I think they look great. None of the images took more than 5 minutes to delete and mask in the new sky. You’ll recognize the skies from from the program’s background sky templates. In Albuquerque, NM we have a lot of cloudless skies and this kind of sets me apart from other Real Estate Photographers who don’t replace bald or cloudless skies.. On many jobs I haven’t taken the time to do these maskings but will be doing more in the future. Recommend going to their website and go over their extended tutorials, maybe Matt will help them learn to do a better job. A couple of tutorials leave a something to be desired as they leave out a couple important steps or selections. After viewing several on the same subject you’ll get the bugs worked out in your own work. Good Luck.

  • Hey, want to try to develop some new business? Here is something I am trying and have had a couple of successes. Go on line to a few realtor’s sites where they have really crappy photos. Do a screen grab and take the image into Photoshop and make it look better…that won’t be too difficult. Send them an email with their original image and your edited image, and a 1-2 of your own images you are particularly proud of. Ask them to consider hiring you to photograph their properties.

    My line goes something like: Hi (name), Congratulation on your new listing at, 2234 street. As a professional architectural and real estate photographer I feel I can be a great asset to your business providing my services. While viewing the images of the property you listed I did a screen grab and made some edits. I think the edited image would really hold the attention of the prospective buyer a lot longer than the original, don’t you? After all, the first impression of a property the potential buyer sees is your photographs. If the images are terrible, CLICK, they are gone! Let’s get them to want to see more with beautiful images so they give you a call to set an appointment for a viewing. Now, give me a call for you next listing and let’s see if we can stimulate more interest in your properties. In the mean time check out my website,

  • Suzanne, thanks for mentioning Portrait Pro. I had it years ago but stopped using it when I went with Perfect suite. I just got a special 1/2 off (and an additional 20% with promo coupon from shutterbug) on Portrait Pro Studio and ordered it last night. I have two large portrait jobs and Portrait pro studio (works as a LR and Photoshop Plugin) does a wonderful job.
    after discounts, the final price about $47.



    RFRanko, interesting idea

  • There’s definately a lot to learn about this topic. I like all of the points you’ve made.

  • Hi, Only just seen this posting and funy thing is I asked the question on the ephotozine site just this morning some of the replies
    can be seen here–110185
    I use Photoshop CS6 and the OnOne suite and for what’s it’s worth for removing skies OnOne IMO comes out on top not just for how good it removes but also because of the speed you can do it.

  • I am finding the sky replacement very useful on overcast days and starting to try it more.
    but, has anyone used the enhance or effects to add color, contrast or perhaps bring life to a home which was shot on a cloudy overcast day?

    There must be people in our group living in the Washington and Oregon area that gets many of these cloudy/overcast skies who enhance it someway, besides adding sky replacement.
    even though I live in the sunshine state, we get the rainy season where I get many shoot cancelations due to the overcast skies. then I get backed up trying to do many shoots in one day.
    I’d like to know what your work around solution is.


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