How Do You Promote Property Video?

January 11th, 2015

VideoMarketingLast week Andrew asked:

I am working on a video service that I hope to make available to my clients in a few months… in presenting the video service to my clients, I want to offer my agents some guidance as to how best to deploy video as part of the agents’ marketing efforts for a listing AND to promote themselves as a Listing Agent. I have my own ideas on how this can be done, but what I’d like to know from your readers, is how have their real estate agent clients made the most out of the videos that have been produced for them? and how have their videos been deployed (with success) by their clients?

As Andrew pointed out I did a post on this subject back in 2011 but it could use updating and refinement so here’s my updated list of ways to promote property video:

  1. Put links to video on MLSs where possible: Some MLSs don’t allow it, but many do.
  2. Add links to video from broker sites and regional RE sites: My experience is that tour/video links frequently don’t propagate from MLSs to brokers and region sites but in most cases if you have an agent account on the regional site (like Zillow, Trulia) you can claim the listing and add links to the video. The agent’s broker site and the large regional and national RE sites are the most important.
  3. Upload the video to video sites like YouTube: Fred Light at Nashua Video Tours in Boston uploads all the video he shoots to 12 different video sites. Here is Fred’s page that describes what he does to market and distribute video that he shoots. If you look at the front page of Fred’s site this wide distribution that he does is a standard part of his product. Fred is clearly one of the most successful real estate videographers out there so studying what he is doing will give you important insights. Take the time to put description text for the listing in the description field of sites like YouTube.
  4. Promote the video on social media: I asked Brett Clements of what they do to promote their property video and Brett says, “First you need an angle. The old ‘water cooler’ theory. Then we go social media first, across seven channels. We have built our own Hootsuite for video so Agents can automatically launch – upload video – to Facebook etc. Then we boost particular posts. Then the Internet goes next. and MLS etc. Then traditional/print. is a great example. Scott is all digital now. Video campaigns up around 5k. Including teaser videos.”

Clearly the videographer can’t do all of these things for their agent clients but as you can see from what Fred Light and Brett Clements crew do the videographer can do a lot to help the agent promote their property videos.

Feel free to add to this list or give specific examples that work or don’t work.

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