A New Level In Property Marketing: The Penthouse At Soul

January 6th, 2015

AuroraBrett Clements of PlatinumHD in Brisbane sent me some info this morning on a recent in a high-end property marketing project that PlatinumHD did for McGrath.

The website is Kind of a tour on steroids. The subject property is Aurora, the Penthouse at Soul (levels 70-73 of the Soul building) at the corner of Cavill Ave and The Esplanade in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Queensland, AU. This penthouse is up for auction this coming March. If you are looking for a quaint little getaway in the Southern Hemisphere you might want to join the bidding on this property. Expect the opening bids to be well North of $50M USD. But it’s worth it! As Catherine Phillips from DBI Design says, “we’ve created the most amazing beach side living experience possible.”

I have to say that MaGrath, Brett and his PlatinumHD team have taken property marketing to a whole new level with:

The videos and stills are stunning! Everything I’d expect from Brett’s team. I have a bit of a problem with the 360 VRs. I use the Chrome browser as suggested and have a 30Mbit/sec Internet connection, but the 360 video is jerky and painful to watch until the whole video is downloaded to the buffer (about 3 or 4 minutes)… just not worth it. Seems like a solution looking for a problem. I’d rather just watch the 6K Red Dragon video. Nice work Brett and team! Great presentation of this property.



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7 Responses to “A New Level In Property Marketing: The Penthouse At Soul”

  • how on earth did they get permission to fly their drone right in the middle of the CBD like that !?!?!

  • For this level of property I am very surprised to still see the stitching seams of 360 images, but then again I am picky and a buyer might not even notice. However, it plays nicely in Chrome ios (on wifi). A little delay loading. Not terrible but if I didn’t know to expect that I probably would have navigated away thinking it’s broken. In total, another phenomenal example of what’s possible with a budget and talent to work with/for.

  • @cooler – I think it’s a chopper carrying a guy running a Red Dragon.

  • Would this work with Google Cardboard or just the Rift?

  • I’ve spent 5 minutes just trying to find photos of the actual penthouse

  • Nevermind, just realized it’s build to suit. haha

  • I totally agree with Craig. The stitching is very hard with the rig we used, and how we ‘synced’ the cameras.
    To tell you the truth, I was far more focused on ‘if’ we could deliver. We never charge our Clients for anything that’s not ‘platinum’. We delivered all the 360 degree videos and Oculus Rift downloads free of charge. Over a few weeks we learnt a LOT. And we’ve learnt from that experience. Suffice to say the next time we shoot 360 degrees – in Sydney in February – we’ll deliver ‘platinum’.

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