Getting Started In Real Estate Photography

December 17th, 2014

GettingStartedI get lots of questions like the following from people just getting started in the real estate photography business:

I’ve been reading your website like a dog. I’m out of work at the moment and was thinking about maybe starting something like this. I love photography and was a real estate agent in the past for a short time. I know what your thinking don’t do it. I live in Connecticut near the Mass state line. Think there would be a lot of agents to prospect to. Any advice would be great. So much to read on here its kind of mind boggling.

I think real estate photography offers a great opportunity to create your own job and run your own business and I’m dedicated to helping people do that. So occasionally I like to summarize the resources we have here for getting started:

  • Summary on the FAQ page: First of all, on the FAQ page I try to summarize all the resources of the blog.
  • Coaching: People always ask about and want a class in their local area. By in large it won’t happen because the most qualified people aren’t going to come to your location. It doesn’t make financial sense. This is why I’ve created and am promoting the coaching model. Use the PFRE coaching page to connect with the best people/coaches in the business and get quality instruction tailored to your needs remotely.
  • Join the PFRE Flickr group and get your questions answered and your photos reviewed 24×7 for free by some of the best in the business.
  • The PFRE monthly contests: I used to say look at Architectural digest to see what the best in the business are doing but since we started the PFRE monthly contests you can see what the best in the business are doing monthly in the PFRE Photographer of the month contest and the PFRE videographer of the month contest.
  • PFRE e-books: While all the information you will need is here on the PFRE blog in close to 2000 articles but it’s a difficult format to study from, so we offer the 5 e-books aimed at helping you get up to speed in a minimum of time.
  • Job Opportunities: If you want to start out by working for someone else, we have links to real estate photography job opportunities on the right sidebar under the title “PFRE Job Opportunities”


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2 Responses to “Getting Started In Real Estate Photography”

  • Even better than Architectural Digest are some of the very high end real estate magazines as they concentrate on homes where AD features a lot of commercial and public buildings. Look for:
    Distinctive Homes, East Coast Living, Christies International, DuPont Registry homes and Luxe (several market sub names).
    After getting some tips through the materials available here and reading through the critiques on the Flickr group, you will be able to start deconstructing some of the images you see into possible ways they were created. You will also be able to identify the mistakes.

  • Also check out sites of people who are well known in the industry. Recently Scott Hargis revamped his site with new images and some of them blow my mind. You can learn a lot from these sites and people from just looking at what they’re doing – training your artistic eye.

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