Homes For Sale Get More Attention With The Huizenpromoter in Ermelo Netherlands!

December 11th, 2014

Thanks to Jay Robertson in the Seattle area for pointing this out to me.

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3 Responses to “Homes For Sale Get More Attention With The Huizenpromoter in Ermelo Netherlands!”

  • This is really something new I have not seen before.
    I am from the Netherlands and lives since 1981 in SoCal. This town Ermelo is just a small town in the eastern part of the Netherland, but he has a great idea. Selling homes are a big problem in Netherlands, because many are still underwater because of the crazy system they had. I understand people could buy a home with a mortgage of up 120% of the value of that home.
    Also the people there can not walk away from their home like here in Ca. When a home underwater sells for less, the bank and the tax system both are next in line to come after your money or other properties.

  • That was great. Its interesting to see the efforts and how much money realtors in other countries spend on marketing property compared to what they’re willing to spend here in the US.

    Here in the US no one would be willing to spend the money, or if they are willing to spend some money they’ll want to rip off this idea by doing it cheaply with computer graphics on their ATARI, in the off chance that a realtor would be willing to spend what it takes there will be a Government agency wanting to charge an exuberant licensing fee or telling you its illegal.

  • @Charles Spalding
    Realtors in the Netherlands are not undependent agents and do have a salry too.
    I do not know exactly how it works, but I remember a basic salary and a possible bonus per sale.

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