Who Should Be The PFRE Photographer and Videographer For 2014

December 7th, 2014

WayneCapili2008It’s time to choose a PFRE Photographer and Videographer for 2014 from all the monthly winners from throughout 2014.

So the main message of this post is there will be no entries accepted this month for either the photographer of the month or videographer of the month. Instead, the juries will be voting for the photographer and videographer of the year.

A number of years ago I naively tried to have the PFRE readers choose the photographer of the year. Turns out, that doesn’t work because it immediately turns into a contest to see which photographer has the social network followers that will vote for them. So it will be up to the respective juries to choose.

Our target will be to have both photographer and videographer of the year chosen by December 20.

By the way, the photo to the right is the first winner of the PFRE photographer of the year for 2008, Wayne Capili, in Monterey, CA.

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