PFRE Still and Property Video Contests Are A Great Learning Opportunity

November 24th, 2014

ContestsToday (11/24) I turned over both the still and video contest to the respective juries for voting. The reason I want to point this out is that studying the entries in both contests is a great learning opportunity. The entries in these contests are some of the best-of-the-best in the real estate photography and videography genre.

In any profession to improve the level of your work, it’s important to see what the best in the profession are doing. These two contests show you some of the best work that is being done in real estate work today.

So I encourage those that are still learning this profession (pretty much all of us) to go have a look at the entries in:

You can view these photos and videos without becoming a member of each flickr group but to comment on them you have to join the flickr group. Both juries will be finished voting by the end of the month. In December the juries will be choosing the Photographer and Videographer of the year from the  2014 monthly winners.

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8 Responses to “PFRE Still and Property Video Contests Are A Great Learning Opportunity”

  • One thing I notice was how disruptive it is to have a monetized video advertising something else before your ‘ad’ is shown. This why I think you should use an ad free player if you are doing commercial work.

  • All right, what am I doing wrong…or how did Flickr mess it up. Using both IE and Chrome, whenever I click on the videos on the video contest page, it doesn’t activate the player. Rather, it views them as thumbnails and toggles between the video “thumbnail”. Flickr is presenting them as photos. With both browsers, I was signed into my account, but I am not a member of either contest group – which should only make a difference if I wanted to post, not view.

  • @ Larry Gray – The video link is in the description

  • Love the video of the house in Hawaii. What kind of gear is being used for the ground level panning and tilting?

    Makes me want to move to that house. If only my wallet agreed. 🙂

  • @Paul – if you’ll tell me specifically which entry (by number) I’ll ask the contestant. There are more than one entry from Hawaii and two from Brisbane, AU.

  • Larry,

    Hale’s Surfs Up is the one I am referring to.


  • Aloha Paul,

    I’m delighted that you like my video of Hale Surf’s up. About 90% of the movements in the clip were done on a Konova K2 slider mounted on a tripod with a liquid head. This allows me to slide side to side, up and down and diagonally.

    The rest of the movements in the clip were simple side to side panning and Steadicam.

    Hope this answered your question.


  • Thanks Jonathan!

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