Tasmanian Homeowner Gordon Brown Stars In Property Video Of His Property

November 20th, 2014

GordonBrownThanks to Scott Hargis for pointing out this great little property video that his friend Jasmin Latona in Tasmania, AU shot. The star of this video is Gordon Brown, the home owner! Gordon is an antique dealer and does a fantastic job of describing the history and presenting the details of his property. Not many homeowners that can to the job that Gordon does.

Gordon is a great example of the of the kind of performer personality to be on the look out for when you are shooting property video. Some times if the home owner has a personality like Gordon they are the best ones to talk about their property! Great job Gordon and Jasmin!


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9 Responses to “Tasmanian Homeowner Gordon Brown Stars In Property Video Of His Property”

  • I find the current trend to have the on camera presenter looking at and speaking to a third party off camera very annoying. It gives me the impression that they are not honest in what they are saying because they cant look you in the eye. Just my nitpic.

  • I loved the video. Its definitely the way forward in real estate. Gordon was very jolly and kept you interested.
    If all videos were the same, how boring would that make it. I would like to have seen more of the rooms though.
    Apart from that, well done. 🙂

    Does anyone have a real estate video storyboard/timeline template?


  • Found the video well done. I liked hearing from the actual homeowners perspective what the property used to be like while looking at the upgraded images.

  • Brilliant! That was enjoyable to watch, and quite frankly, wished it was a little longer!

  • While this video has the owner as the “star”, we have been doing videos with my wife (Laura) the listing agent presenting the home for a while now. We also starting using our assistant Julia in them as well….they both can play off each other and provide a tour of the entire home. These types of videos are difficult to produce, especially for non-professional video types. However, although they have not done well in the monthly contests, I can tell you they get watched a lot. Recently at a showing Laura was referred to as “The YouTube Lady” by the child of one of the people who was viewing the home. These videos get watched a lot – much more so they any type of slide show in our local market – and most agents could never get before the camera. The point of this comment is that doing these types of videos is different and engaging….and the clients love them. So do potential buyers – provided they are genuine.

  • Gordon does a great job in a unique way to grab the interest of the viewer of the properties history.
    The reason it looks so polished and professional is because he is. Gordon may be an antiques dealer, but also presents a television program on Australian TV about the same subject. Getting any home owner to look that polished on video trying to sell their home may not be quite so easy.

  • If you an owner who is that comfortable and engaging in front of a camera, sure make this video, but the level of complexity and as a result the amount of time it takes to produce this type of video increases significantly. Especially if the owner thinks their that good but they aren’t, then you have the added potential of alienating the owner [to the cutting room floor] and potentially damaging the relationship between the seller and listing agent.

  • It may be true that Gordon’s experience in front of the camera does shine through indeed, which in this video he presents excellently. However I don’t think we can leave out the director’s storytelling ability. In my experience working with experienced talent on most occasions, not all, will certainly help the director to reach their vision a lot sooner and I think Jasmin has done a fine job of directing Gordon in this video to visualise the story of the home. Getting the inexperienced homeowner polished on camera can be challenging I agree, but with confident direction it can be done. Meet Pam is an example of the homeowner to camera I shot recently and it was her first time

  • When you combine authenticity with sincerity in a video it’s hard to wrong. I think this genuine approach should be used more if the makers could pull it off.

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