Now Available: Enfuse For Real Estate Photography E-book

November 9th, 2014

Its here! Simon Maxwell, in London and I have been working hard for the last several months on the new PFRE Media publication that we are launching today. This new e-book is titled Enfuse For Real Estate Photography. As we talked about in this post last month Enfuse is another technique for shooting real estate that is handy to have in your tool kit. Click here to get more details and purchase this new e-book.

Long time PFRE blog readers know Simon from his series of Lightroom video tutorials which have been very popular. I am excited about publishing an e-book on the subject of Enfuse which is a technique that is widely used by real estate photographers. Simon uses this technique extensively and goes into all the technical aspects us using LR/Enfuse from Lightroom and also covers how do Enfuse-Flash hybrid. Here is the Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Problem: Limits of A Single Exposure
  • The Solution: What Enfuse Can Achieve
  • Shooting Brackets
  • Creating Enfused Images With LR/Enfuse
  • Batch Processing With LR/Enfuse
  • Advanced Methods
  • Enfuse-Flash Hybrid
  • An Enfuse Shoot From Start To Finish
  • Lightroom Presets

All of the e-books we publish here at PFRE are distributed as PDFs and are designed to work on all devices.  They work great on large screens, laptops, most tablets and SmartPhones. Everyone who purchases any PFRE e-book gets a subscription to all future versions of the e-book. We automatically send updated versions of e-books to the e-mail address that was used for the purchase.

While our primary distribution is the PDF e-book format, we also are offering Enfuse For Real Estate Photography as a full color, spiral bound hard copy on We offer this hardcopy version as a convenience for readers who are just not ready for electronic books. Unfortunately, the cost of the hardcopy is over twice the price of the e-book version because is an on-demand printer. Hardcopy demand does not warrant volume printing of a book like this.

Update 11/12/2014: Thanks very much for all the positive response to this new book! We seem to have struck a cord with what readers needed.

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14 Responses to “Now Available: Enfuse For Real Estate Photography E-book”

  • I just bought mine! I am looking forward to this.

  • Just downloaded the book and for those that invested in the Scott Hargis book “The Essential Guide to: Lighting Interiors – Techniques for lighting with small flash” you’ll find that it flows just as well with information to master the art of enfusing photos so they look natural.

    I have been doing this for awhile with thousands of images and still find it useful


  • I just bought mine and can’t wait to start reading it.

  • One of the best 30 bucks I have spent….

  • Download went fine onto pc.
    Can I also download it to my Android tablet?

  • Thanks for all the great feedback. We appreciate it!

    @logan – Yes you can also get it to your Android tablet. See: for tips on getting PDFs between your devices. There are some PDF readers on Android that don’t work very well. The third party reader called “PDF Reader” by Ivan Ivenko, free download in the Play Store, works fine.

  • Presets for download on Windows are not correctly labeled? One is “PP” and the other “PostProcess” – I’m not seeing one labeled “Import”.
    I could just install both and then delete whichever, but I’m lazy and I’ll wait for the file names to be corrected!

  • @wtlloyd – thanks for catching that error. It’s fixed now.

  • i found this book to be very useful as one who just recently moved from HDR tone mapping with Nik HDR EFex 2 to L/R Enfuse. It does clear up some of the issues I have been having. Being a computer guy for the past 35 years makes the differences between Mac and Windows not too challenging when trying to figure out the steps required for optimum results, but I’m sure there are several folks out there who will struggle with it and assume they would need a Mac and a Canon DSLR. Great job! Can’t wait to try out the presets.

  • @Reed – Thanks for the feedback! Yes, the process that Simon describes in this book work equally well on PCs or Macs and with any DSLRs although we probably don’t make that clear enough. Both Lightroom and LR/Enfuse work identically on PC and Mac. Similarly, even though some figures show the LCD screen of Simon’s Canon DSLR this works similarly on most modern DSLRs.

  • Great! and at affordable price too! because other learning resources are Galactic!!!

    I will buy the mine mostly to know about how to manage in HDR because im so so happy with my HDR, or maybe is because im more lighting guy.

    Im interested in hybrid tech too in order to have more options to resolve works issues.

  • Thank you for this great book! Another useful tool in my toolbox for shooting interiors with excellent results. I just started with using Enfuse (in addition to Scotts Hargis’ and Mike Kelly’s approaches) a couple of weeks before this book was published and the book offers a bunch of very useful informations to improve speed and quality.
    I printed and ring bind the book and have it in my E-Book App on the iPad as well. Both versions are perfectly formatted and a joy to read. Even for a German guy like me it was easy to read and understand every single step and chapter. And the price is definitely a no brainer!! So, it’s highly recommended and both thumbs up!

  • @Greg and Andreas – Thanks for your feedback!

  • Find Enfuse results much better than Photomatix. Ran some tests and found nice overall tones, though very low in contrast with Enfuse.

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