Scottevest – Technology Enabled Travel Vest

November 5th, 2014

ScottevestThanks to  Nina Leone for pointing out this cool vest! If you want to carry a bunch of gear with out “looking like a dork” this vest is designed for you. I don’t have one of these yet, but I’m definitely going to get one! The video speaks for itself.

I don’t want to look like a dork!

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10 Responses to “Scottevest – Technology Enabled Travel Vest”

  • It would be nice to have a Non-Dorky vest to hold some gear.
    And speaking of feeling Dorky, Years ago there was a cool company called banana republic which specialized in hi-quality African Safari clothing (until the GAP bought it and turned it into another GAP clothing store).

    Being an industrial photographer who works on military bases and ship yards, I bought their beautiful journalist vest, (that was soooooooo cool looking I thought) which I carried my light meter, ID, compass, another lens and assorted items like my passport, maps and other important documents I take while traveling and shooting in the field.

    I was on an assignment in Port Clinton OH, shooting a Nuclear power plant with my large format equipment.
    Feeling very cool in my way overpriced African vest, with my meters hanging off me and my 4×5 film holders sticking out of the pockets, I pulled into a convent store for directions.
    When I walked into the store, a couple of the sales people looked at me and said, “So how’s the Fishing”????????
    I felt so bummed out that these guys thought I was a fisherman and not a photographer.

  • While it may appear stylish avoiding the dork look, it creates it’s own set of issues. As I viewed the video, I saw tight, form fitting, tight zipping, double lined to create pockets with non-breathing material. Also, with the tight fitting demonstrated narrow objects but not large bulky items like DSLR or 70-200. Living in a southern climate, the only word to describe it would not be “stylish” but “hot”.

  • I don’t need a “stylish” vest…I have a “sherpa”….aka…my husband! 🙂

  • Do they offer one with different color buttons on each pocket, zippers that don’t work, frayed neck and arm holes, sticky velcro patches and a waist draw string that is useless now? If not, I would feel awkward.

  • Very cool and functional. Found out it’s $135, which isn’t too bad considering all that went into it.
    Link to their site:

  • I would totally wear this for the functionality. I’m curious about how comfortable it is. I wonder if there are any good reviews out there for this.

  • Is that an ipad in your coat, or are you just…. 🙂

    Holy heck, I’m more of a lanyard man myself.

  • Haha. More comments on clothing than one on photo issues.

  • I’ve purchased a few of their products. Very nice.
    *******TIP: They ARE sorta pricey, BUT, sign up for their Daily Specials at 20% off a special item that day AND every now-and-again they run several items @ 40% off. Makes it a little more affordable! they also have a Clearance Section.******

  • Oh yeah, you hafta look for it, but there is a chart somewhere on their site that shows what clothing at what temperatures. Like Larry Gray, I’m a Southern Boy and don’t have much use for some of their gear.

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