Still Contest Closing – Video Contest Opening

October 14th, 2014

ElevatedShotsThe PFRE Photographer of the month closing: contest for October will close the end of the day on Wed 10/15.

Right now we have 23 great elevated shots. A lot of drone shots but still many with poles. Some very nice work here!

The PFRE Video Contest open now: I’ll start accepting video contest entries now. Be sure to read the video contest rules at:

News for the video contest: We are going to implement several of the reader suggestions this month.

The goal of these changes is to have the jury voting more systematic and to have a larger more diverse group of jurors.

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2 Responses to “Still Contest Closing – Video Contest Opening”

  • The elevated/pole vs drone shots are in two completely different leagues. I am thinking that drone shots may need their own category/month. Just my thoughts…

  • @James – You are probably right. We should have a separate theme for drone shots, they are so different than pole shots. Thanks for pointing that out! Next year we’ll add that refinement.

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