New PFRE Media Publication Coming Soon: Enfuse For Real Estate Photography

October 12th, 2014

EnfuseFREPSimon Maxwell, in London and I have been working hard for the last several months on a new upcoming PFRE Media publication. It will be an e-book titled Enfuse For Real Estate Photography.

Long time PFRE blog readers know Simon from his series of Lightroom video tutorials which have been very popular. I am excited about publishing an e-book on the subject of Enfuse which is a technique that is widely used by real estate photographers. Simon uses this technique extensively and goes into all the technical aspects us using LR/Enfuse from Lightroom and also covers how do Enfuse-Flash hybrid. Here is the Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Problem: Limits of A Single Exposure
  • The Solution: What Enfuse Can Achieve
  • Shooting Brackets
  • Creating Enfused Images With LR/Enfuse
  • Batch Processing With LR/Enfuse
  • Advanced Methods
  • Enfuse-Flash Hybrid
  • An Enfuse Shoot From Start To Finish
  • Lightroom Presets

We are in the final phases of proofing and getting ready for launch and expect to launch this e-book about the second week in November. More details when we get ready to launch.

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18 Responses to “New PFRE Media Publication Coming Soon: Enfuse For Real Estate Photography”

  • Put me down for one

  • Wow! Fantastic, really. Sign me up. Thank you.

  • Mmmmm excited and waiting for!

    I hope it be no expensive as rest of teaching material for real estate photography. 🙁

  • I am sorry but this is a new phrase to me. What is Enfuse?

  • I’ll take one.
    Larry, I have been shooting multiple exposures in difficult, contrasty lighting situations. Like North facing homes with the sun coming into the camera, or interiors of homes on the beach or golf course where the sun or bright light comes in. I use flash in these situations, but I have found that Photomatix, works best because my LR/Infuse does not give me the results I need. But I don’t love either. How do I know if my LR/Infuse is the current version?

    looking forward to this new e-book

  • Can’t wait to buy it!

  • anxiously looking for it

  • The last 4 chapters look particularly interesting, especially the Enfuse-Flash Hybrid chapter…

    I am looking forward to it!

  • An execellent topic to advance beginners,enhance intermediates and serve as a review for experts. Great idea and look forward to the publication

  • Oooooh. Looking forward to this.

  • @Timothy – Take a look at it describes the general subject of Enfuse and a plugin that can be used from Lightroom to do the Enfuse process.

    @Eric – If you look at in the upper right corner the it always shows the current version of LR/Enfuse… it’s currently 4.31.

  • Sounds great! I look forward to learning from the publication.

  • Count me in!
    Love to learn more.
    Although I’m new to RE photos, (old studio/film guy), I first balance with strobes, then use Enfuse, (definitely worth it donate) to get full version which I’m sure you’ll cover in your ebook. I think I only had to donate $5. But things may have changed since then.

  • Thanks Larry,
    how do I know or where can I look to see what version I have installed?

  • Happy to see Simon back!

  • I have been using Photomatix mostly, but recently have been thinking about Enfuse. This could be very helpful….Thanks!

  • Yep, another one sold! Can’t wait.

  • I’m also looking forward to Simon’s book since I’ve learned so much from Scott Hargis ebook and videos.

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