Where Can You Get Some Fresh New Skies For Sky Replacement?

October 10th, 2014

SkyCal asked a few days ago where he can get some new skies for sky replacement:

Do you have any recommendations on where to get twilight skies? I do a lot of these and need some new choices. I am willing to pay for them if good enough. I have used your’s too often.

What Cal is referring to is that there is the PFRE sky replacement library available for anyone to use for sky replacement. They are skies that have been donated by readers. There is a link to it on the right sidebar of the blog under “Other Links“.

What told Cal is:

When you google “Twilight Replacement Skies” and guess who shows up on the top line: These are past posts on the subject of sky replacement.
But I also found:
all the stock photo sites have great twilight skies. I belong to shutterstock.comand for $49 you get 5 images that are medium size jpgs.
Does anyone know of another free sky library?
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11 Responses to “Where Can You Get Some Fresh New Skies For Sky Replacement?”

  • The best free library is your own. Always be on the lookout for skies and fires. It doesn’t take a huge library to have enough on hand. I have about 20 skies that I use frequently and a couple more that I use ever once in awhile.

  • I’ll second what Ken says – I’ll even snap some with my cell phone and save in a dropbox folder for future use when I’m out and things look nice.

  • I could not access the link to the PFRE sky replacement library…

    I also take my own skies, and have amassed quite a few.

    If you are looking for something more dramatic, here are some you can purchase:

  • @Erin – I’m not sure why you can’t access the PFRE sky library. I just tested the link above in the post and the link on the side-bar under “Other Links” and they both work for me. The page takes a long time to load the first time your browser hits… perhaps that’s your problem.

  • Ignore me. I just figured it out. I was trying to use the link in your post. Just found it on the sidebar. 🙂

  • I can’t imagine why you haven’t been shooting your own for years and years and have your own library. shooting the sky is free, no model fees !

  • Thanks for the recommendations Larry, & everybody else. New skies on the way!

  • Have to admit, this ‘sky library’ has me both amused and shaking my head. A lot of energy over ‘where to get skies.’ Uh, we’re photographers, why not make your own?

    My sky library is solely of my own creation. See a nice sky, take a picture.

    I was thinking of this thread this morning. Absolutely beautiful sky, zero clouds this morning, white puffy stuff as day progressed. Today’s shoot? A 14-story residential tower. Thought, “Hey, Sky photos!”

    Biggest challenge as I build out my own library is making sure I have a range of photos, different times of day…and year. The sunlight/sky mix just isn’t the same in January, as it is in July, or mid-October. Average lay person might not notice, but I want a sky whose temperature roughly compliments the building I’m shooting. Yes, I can play with temperature, but why? Just slowly building my own library.

  • This is one of the fun things about photography! Build your own portfolios of fires in fireplaces, interesting clouds, and scenic sites for other subjects you might shoot, like Recreational Vehicles, and Autos. When I find a good sky I get in the middle of a large pasture and capture the sky in the 8 different points of the compass and save them in a file with the approximate time of day and season. Another trick that I have used to approximate the time of day is to horizontally flip the image before I blend. Also when you are waiting for that beautiful sunset or you are all locked up in a set position doing a twilight, Have another camera so you can turn around and catch the often very subtle beauty of the sky in the opposite direction.

  • I have a small library of my own, but a free sky library is always good to have! Thanks Larry

  • The only problem I run into with trying to capture my own skies, is being in the right place at the right time. There are street lights, trees and power lines that are issues for me. Shooting at a higher angle sometimes makes a less believable sky. Yeah- I could take the time to remove distractions, and I have- but it’s really nice in a pinch to be able to access the sky library here while I’m trying to build my own library. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to it!

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