Do You Know What’s Important To Your Customers?

October 6th, 2014

ClientSurveyDave in Perth, sent me this recent article about TopSnap which is a franchise in Australia and New Zealand.

What I wanted to point out about this article is not so much the specific numbers that TopSnap got but, rather the fact that TopSnap is doing a regular survey that helps them understand what their customers think about them, what social media their customers use most. Also, what their customers use and value the most to market their listings.

Do you know this kind of thing about your customers? Small businesses can do surveys quite easily and inexpensively and allow their feedback from customers to be anonymous if they choose by using sites like There are a lot of these sites, just google “survey sites free”.

Most of these sites let you do small scale surveys for free. is free up to 100 respondents. If you have over 100 customers just do multiple surveys. What you do is construct a survey and email the survey to 100 customers and the survey site collects and collates the results for you.

The trick is to come up with survey questions that reveal important issues in your business. But the basics are to understand what your clients like or don’t like about your products.

Is anyone already using surveys?

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3 Responses to “Do You Know What’s Important To Your Customers?”

  • Interesting that price was not one of the top factors. I wonder if they controlled for price at all, meaning, that these agents wouldn’t even consider using a service unless the fee fell below a certain threshold.

  • I use them once or twice a year. Send them to all of my clients for that period, but my survey completion rate is marginal. I even offered a discount on a future shoot for anyone who completed on this last time. Would love suggestions of others who are using them successfully.

  • I’ve been testing Google Forms the past week, so far it looks like a pretty good free option. I’m planning on sending something out to all my past clients and setting up a standard survey I’ll send out after each order is completed where they can rate the experience.

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