This Week In Real Estate Video – Charlie Gets A Movi M5

October 3rd, 2014

SteamboatEarlier today Charlie Dresen, a Realtor in Steamboat, CO, sent me one of his recent videos he did since he got his new Movi M5. This evening I’ll be announcing the winner of the Aug/Sep video contest, but I just had to show this to everyone. Here is what I told Charlie:

Very cool! The sequences with the kids running through the condo are amazing! Also, I like the other unusual moves you do with it through out the video, yet mix in slower slider shots to keep the rhythm under control. Much more interesting than just a standard walk through. The DJI shot at the end showing the property with the mountain is in the back is fantastic… you need to get this same shot at twilight in the winter!

What do you think?

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8 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video – Charlie Gets A Movi M5”

  • Fabulous…great rhythm. We have one of first DJI Ronins and are trying to master workflow. It adds a whole new dimension. We also haven’t added humans, which Charlie has masterfully done in his videos. The video with the kid talking about the house is a favorite. Question for Charlie, does your MLS allow links to your videos? We can link ours to the agent’s listings, as we are an authorized vendor, but they have to be non-agent-branded and cannot have humans. However, dogs and cats are allowed. 🙂 I am finding it hard to justify editing 2 videos…one to appease MLS and another for other venues when the distribution can overlap. Also, still gathering the courage to share some of our work. I wouldn’t be where I am without PFRE and the generosity of Larry, the fearless leader and all the contributors.

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • There is no creativity without vulnerability.

    Michele – Yes, we have direct links in our MLS to only non-branded videos and virtual tours (2 links). So I do make 2 versions, just taking out my name and brokerage firm for the non-branded one. We do not have regulations about people in the video. . . at least not yet. I don’t know why they regulate that. As long as it’s non-branding, it’s just another way to market the property. Looking forward to seeing your work ; )

  • Very cool. Nice mix of shots and sequences. In addition to the MOVI and the Ronin, “The Silk” from also looks like a great option and it cost slightly less plus it can be fitted their aerial rig. I’ve had my eye on that one for the last few months. Charlie’s video just might force me to pull the trigger!

  • Very Cool! I want one.

  • Charlie Dresen belongs in the real estate video marketing hall of fame. Charlie’s ongoing effort to make every video presentation better that the next should inspire us all.

  • Really liked that in the end it didn’t feel like one of those look how clever I am I have a MoVI films. The drone flyers and the slow motion guys are the most guilty of it 🙂 Everything is a tool and you used yours so that is seamless and adds to the story instead of putting it in the spotlight. Great job.

  • just got back from Movi School in LA – I am now a certified Movi operator – it is an amazing piece of gear.

    the Movi m15 is very nice

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