Checkout Scott Hargis’s Comments On The September Photo Contest Entries

September 17th, 2014

SeptContestI always enjoy reading Scott’s comments on the PFRE photographer of the month contest entries. He doesn’t always have time to do it, but he did this month and just spent several hours this afternoon commenting on over half of the September contest entries. It is well worth your time to read Scott’s analysis and thinking about these entries.

Scott visually analyzes images much like my art history professor did. I really enjoy having someone analytically take apart an image and talk about the purpose of the image and how effective the story the image is telling is. Also, what makes the image weak or what would make it stronger. There don’t seem to be many people that talk about images like this.

I think there’s a lot to be learned by reading through Scott’s comments on this months images. You may or may not agree with him, but you will learn by going through the analysis with him. Of course, the objective is to be able to think like this while you are looking through the view finder setting up your next interior shot.

Thanks Scott and other juror commenters (Aaron and George) for all the time you’ve put into your insightful comments!

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10 Responses to “Checkout Scott Hargis’s Comments On The September Photo Contest Entries”

  • As always, good stuff! I learn so much by reading these comments.

  • Larry, thanks for pointing out the comments were posted. This is really valuable. The comments make the photos so much more relevant for learning. It also reminds me I need to go back and watch Scott’s video course again.

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to critique these photos Scott! Very educational!

  • Love reading Scott’s comments, as they so often point out things that aren’t obvious to the rest of us. He has thought me to slow down a bit and think things through. He sees things that many of us miss. I certainly learn something from his comments every time.

  • Glad to know people are reading them…remember it’s just my first, quick impressions, and just one guy’s opinion. I always hesitate because I know it’s tough hearing a crit (I die a little inside every time a client criticizes one of my babies) but in the end it’s good to hear someone else’s impression of your work — something you simply can’t get from friends, family, etc.

  • Scott, I’m a huge fan of your Lighting For Real Estate Photography video course. You went into some of this type of analysis in your last lesson where you analysed other people’s “problem photos”.

    Any hints on how we can better do this type of analysis on our own photos? When you commented on this month’s entries it made so much sense and was very educational. Had I seen the photos without your commentary, I probably would have stopped at the point of thinking “these are really good photos” Thanks!

  • Thanks to Scott for commenting on most of the entries! I play the game of “What would Scott say?” before reading the comments. Interesting to see where we do agree and especially where I missed some of the more important details. The ones usually that make or break a given photo. Thanks Scott for taking time ot help us all.

  • Thanks Scott by gift a bit of your time to help us to do better work!

    SOme of those Photography for Real Estate users who has huge experience could add at least a bit of their knowledge too, I think that better we do things and help us customer to sell then real estate photography will become more valued, and more realtors will need us.

  • I feel that the second most important thing that I can do to improve my photos is to read the comments that the experts make about these contest entries. It’s a real boost for me to actually have a comment on one of my own shots, even and especially, if they are critical. So, thanks to all who participate in this very valuable exercise. Oh, the number one most important thing – practice and experimentation. There’s not enough time in the day huh?

  • Thank you Scott! As always your feedback is greatly appreciated! Coming from someone who produces such stelar work, your helpful tips are invaluable.

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